5) Check who the message is going to

Dine at one of Rome’s new breed of creative trattorias. In boho Trastevere, La Gensola (Piazza della Gensola 15; 00 39 06 581 6312) offers a mix of tasty Roman specialities and Sicilian style seafood dishes in an informal setting. Alternatively, head for Testaccio and grab a pizza at Remo (Piazza Santa Maria Liberatrice 44; closed Sundays) or an aperitivo at the Enoteca Palombi(Piazza Testaccio 41), where, between 7pm and 9pm, 10 (9) buys you a drink and a heaving plate of food from the buffet..

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The dealerships I was shopping in weren’t crowded. In fact, I had made a point of going car shopping on a weekday because car showrooms in our area are very busy on weekends. And there were salesmen who seemed to be available in most of the dealerships.

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