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Is it too early to say, come the Eagles”? Clearly not, since they could tie for the NFC East lead with a win and a Cowboys loss Thursday night. Again, though, trusting the Eagles still might be premature considering how close a call it was against the Giants last week. Theoretically, Colt McCoy will be better than he was against Dallas because he have more time to prepare with the starters.

They are about Clinton herself. She and replica wallets her husband over their past 20 plus years in the national spotlight have become convinced that the press is, almost to a person, not to be trusted. The best you can hope for when dealing with the media is a somewhat fair shake.

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I was an early adopter of Netflix when it was a mail only service, so I’m not super nostagic and definitely prefer the streaming, immediate satisfaction type service we have now. Although I would have preferred that cable companies died rather than video stores. That said, it was an interesting part of culture while it lasted, like drive ins and malt shops.

We were designed, by evolution, for the tropics. Our bodies evolved for millions of years to be suited to that environment. Humans are a tropical species, and our diet should reflect that. This is, frankly, a stupid way to attempt to reduce the number of abortions. There is a much better way. That way is to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies.

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