As Murray Fredericks, a 1920s hotel owner, once explained:

Late rents are not forgiven, but they are accommodated, evictions initiated only when tenants got four to five months late. Pini claims he’s owed about $160,000 in late rent by some of his current tenants. Normally, that figure is closer to $100 Cheap Jerseys free shipping,000.

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wholesale jerseys from china This has gotten very old; Opponents of Measure P have consistently misrepresented every aspect of it Cheap Jerseys free shipping Cheap Jerseys free shipping, including funding, and constantly lobbied against it using red herrings that are relevant in some areas in the global anti fracking campaign, but not in Santa Barbara. The ignorance of P supporters regarding environmental issues, and the cherry picking of environmental facts is ridiculously hypocritical, including UCSB professors, those involved in the campaign, as well as SB residents. Quotes from IPCC reports, acknowledged by the IPCC as political exaggerations, not scientific fact, have been constant, while the fact that the IPCC supports fracking has been ignored wholesale jerseys from china.