At the time I was really struggling to put words onto paper

Let’s start with Ricky (Robb Wells) and Julian (John Paul Tremblay), the small time criminals who end up back in jail at the end of each season and hatch the shenanigans that get them in trouble. Ricky, with his ’50s pompadour, pointy sideburns, goatee, bedroom eyes and wide girth, could possibly be the dumbest, rudest bastard I’ve ever seen on TV, but he’s so pathetic you find yourself caring about him. When he isn’t bumming cigarettes, telling people to fuck off, getting stoned and drunk practically all day every day and mangling the English language (“Honesty is just a test policy,” “It doesn’t take rocket appliances,” and “Worst case Ontario” ), he’s living in his car and clearing the junk off the top of it with a hockey stick, trying wholeheartedly to pass the 10th grade, and trying anything to make a buck and support his daughter Trinity and saucy ex wife Lucy.

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