bars on both ends of the screen

To cut the notch out of wider videos, it looks like Apple puts equal black bars on both ends of the screen, not just on the notch side. From some quick MS Paint math, it looks like the notch is about 92 pixels tall, so this means the remaining screen space is 2252×1125. The biggest way to fit 2.35:1 video on that is to put bars at the top and bottom to get 2252×958, which comes out to a diagonal of 5.3″.

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iPhone x case iPhone x case The electric motor in the RX 450h model means it’s good in commuter traffic but it’s unlikely that real world fuel economy will come close to the combined cycle figure.Also on the downside, it won’t beat sportier rivals when it comes to handling and the RX’s lack of character on the road will put enthusiasts off.Our ChoiceLexus RX 450h LuxuryThe Lexus RX is a large SUV that rivals the BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes GLE and Audi Q7. The RX has been a big seller for Lexus, and this new model (launched in 2015) means it’s up to date with the rest of the Lexus range. The the most obvious visual changes are the huge new grille at the front and sharp ‘origami’ styling.The new RX is 120mm longer, as well as 10mm wider and 5mm lower than the previous car, which increased legroom and means boot space is up slightly to 453 litres though that’s still 197 litres less than a BMW X5.From launch there are only two engines available, a 2.0 litre four cylinder petrol in the RX 200t and a 3.5 litre V6, which is mated to an electric motor in the RX 450h hybrid. iPhone x case iPhone x case

The Epic 4G’s 4.0 inch Super AMOLED display absolutely mesmerized us. It can display 16 million colors and has a WVGA resolution, which enables it to display vibrant graphics and fantastic looking video. The screen also has a wider viewing angle and a higher contrast ratio when compared with a traditional LCD.

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iPhone Cases iPhone Cases Moving on, both the phones support 4G LTE and dual SIM connectivity. The speaker setup on board the Nokia 6, in addition, comes with dual amplifiers and supports Dolby Atmos sound technology. The Mi A1, meanwhile, gets an IR blaster that allows you to control smart home appliances like TVs and ACs via the Mi Remote app iPhone Cases iPhone Cases.