Before its use in jewelry the Quahog was used as canada goose

Minerals Natural History

The abalone pearl is one of the most beautiful and unusual of pearls.An exceptionally large and fine abalone pearl, weighing approximately 187.34 carats. Superbly lustrous, its iridescence is exceptional in terms of all abalone pearls, and particularly that of large ones, which tend not to demonstrate gemmy qualities beyond a certain size.Abalone is a primitive univalve (one shell) mollusk at least thirty million years old. canada goose outlet washington dc There are eight varieties found in various areas around the Pacific Rim. The present pearl was found by its owner while diving for abalone for dinner off the coast of a remote island canada goose jacket uk located about 800 kilometers east of New Zealand. The blackfoot abalone, so called because of the dark black color canada goose outlet nyc of its foot, can grow up to 18cm in goose outlet canada length and 13 cm canada goose jacket outlet store wide. canada goose outlet legit While it is often canada goose outlet vancouver found close to the surface it may grow to depths of 30 meters, where seaweed grows in larger amounts helping to nurture its colorful mother of pearl. The undulating grain in canada goose discount uk the shell is the result of seasonal fluctuations in the Abalone diet. The dark organic material of the conchiolin layers is laid down during the winter months and the nacre, made up of aragonite and calcite crystals, is laid down in the warmer summer months.In the mid 14th century, when the Maoris first arrived in today New Zealand with their canoes, no mammals lived on the island. Found in great numbers all along the coastline, the canada goose parka uk Paa with its appetizing and very ample flesh became a staple fare for the Maori. Today it is still served as a sought after delicacy, and there is increased demand for it in the Far East. Indeed it is the only mollusk which has a commercial usage in its entirety; the shell is used for canada goose outlet store uk inlay and buttons, the meat for food, and the guts for fishing bait.Abalone pearls are rare. A fine large pearl over 15mm, such as the present one, is found in probably only 1 per 900,000 animals. Reasons for rarity are that large pearls require approximately eight to ten years to form. Since the animals are fished commercially for meat when they are four or five years old, sufficient time has not passed to allow pearl formation. Furthermore, a specific combination of factors must exist for natural pearl formation, including invasion of a foreign object, correct canada goose outlet seattle water temperature, and availability of correct diet. Natural Abalone pearls can vary in shape, color, and may be solid or hollow. Their shapes can vary from round or ovalish to flat baroques to giant horn shapes, such as the present one. This horn shape is due to the anatomy of the snail. Natural abalone pearls are formed in thick nacreous layers joined together by organic conchiolin a form similar to that of other oriental pearl formation, but with thicker nacreous layers. This exotic gem of the sea, displays other worldly iridescent green, blue, violet, orange and yellow hues.A rare saltwater oyster pearl with a classic drop shape allowing canada goose stockists uk it to be mounted as a pendant, the present pearl is very rare due to the exceptional size of nearly 13 carats. The exquisite shape and the beautiful grey to pinkish bronze color with pinkish overtones makes this a desirable pearl. The size in particular makes it rare as the vast majority of Baja pearls do not even reach 1 carat in size, undrilled.Weighing approximately 12.73 carats canada goose outlet las vegas and measuring 18.5 x 9.7mmAccompanied by a Gemological Institute of America report numbered 215667003 dated canada goose outlet 2015 October 8, 2014 stating that the 12.73 carats pearl is canada goose outlet natural, saltwater, with no indications of treatment.Bouton shaped with a high dome and suitable for mounting as a ring or pendant, this fine natural pearl displays a bluish gray color. A saltwater pearl originating from a black lipped oyster, this is an exceptional canada goose outlet in chicago classic for this region. It is particularly rare, as the vast majority of Baja canada goose outlet in montreal pearls do not even reach 1 carat in size and this one weighs nearly 17 carats, undrilled.Weighing approximately 16.93 carats and measuring 13.5 x 11.0mmAccompanied by a Gemological Institute of America report number 215667000 dated October 8, 2014 stating that the 16.93 carats pearls is natural, saltwater and that it shows no indications of treatment.Described by Linnaeus in 1758, the quahog pearl does not come from an oyster but rather a thick shelled edible member of the clam family. It is estimated that only 1 in 100,000 Quahog clams actually produce a pearl of any kind. Before its use in jewelry the Quahog was used as canada goose outlet online the nation first domestic currency. The Wampanoag tribe used a medium of exchange called wampum which consisted of beads made of the shell of the Quahog bi valves.The present suite was painstakingly collected by its owner over a period of three decades. canada goose outlet online store review The forty five pearls show the range of hues in which these pearls can be found from deep aubergine to violet, lavender, purple, cream, ivory and white with the largest weighing approximately 22.75 canada goose clothing uk carats and measuring 16.5 x 11.5 mm. The suite includes six pearl which could be mounted as a pair of earrings. This is an extraordinary suite of non nacreous pearls which represents a lifetime of collecting and a unique offering at public auction. (45) Total weight approximately 242.29 carats. A pink and green orient can be canada goose outlet shop seen hovering over the fine white body color of the exquisite baroque shape, undrilled.Weighing approximately 29.97 carats and measuring 23.48 x 17.92 x 8.85mmAccompanied by a Gemological Institute of America certificate stating that the 29.97 carats pearl is a natural freshwater pearl with no indications of treatment.

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