But what happens to animals in our industrial food complex is

Based Diet Is Good All Around

canada goose canada goose outlet store uk A new diet has started to pick up in popularity thanks to the work of doctors and researchers such as T. Colin Campbell and Doctor Caldwell canada goose outlet winnipeg address Esselstyn. This diet seems unnatural to many people, but a whole food, plant canada goose outlet black friday sale based diet is good for your wallet, animals, and the environment, as well as good for your body. canada canada goose outlet store near me goose

canada goose coats A whole food, plant based diet is good for your wallet. The staple foods canada goose outlet store new york in this diet are grains, legumes, and potatoes. All of these are low cost, can be purchased in most grocery stores canada goose outlet black friday as well as bulk warehouses, and are highly nutritious. And as an added bonus, if you are cooking a meat based meal for other people in the house, your main dish will make a great side dish for them. canada goose coats

Canada canada goose outlet parka Goose Outlet A whole food, plant based diet is good for the animals. Obviously, if you are not eating animals, that is good for them. But what happens to animals in our industrial food complex is by canada goose outlet authentic some standards, criminal. If you treated your dog the way the average dairy cow is treated, you would be arrested in my state (Texas). I am not going canada goose outlet edmonton into details here, but there are plenty of resources online where you can find firsthand accounts, as well as videos, of the treatment of animals in slaughterhouses. Warning, these videos are not for the squeamish. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose clearance A whole food, plant based diet is good for the environment. Raising cattle for food takes 2.6 pounds of grain and 435 gallons of water for every canada goose outlet sale pound of beef. The petroleum costs are up for debate, so I won’t address that here. Also, since most cattle are fed corn not their preferred diet; it is mixed with vitamins, antibiotics, and hormones to make canada goose outlet in toronto them grow faster without getting sick. All of this has the effect of turning their waste unsuitable for use as fertilizer, meaning it is toxic to plants. And since the average, full grown cow will produce around 150 pounds of waste (about 100 pounds of which is water), that is a lot of toxic stuff. And don’t get me started about poultry. canada goose clearance

canadian goose jacket Of course a canada goose clothing uk whole food, plant based diet is canada goose outlet new york city good canada goose outlet online reviews for your body. Vegetables, canada goose coats uk fruits, and grains are lower in calories, high in fiber, and very nutrient dense. They fill you up (because of the fiber) without leaving you feeling bloated or uncomfortable. By eating foods as close to nature as possible, you avoid so canada goose jacket outlet toronto many of the complications that processed foods bring. Take white flower; by stripping the bran and the germ from the Canada Goose Outlet wheat grain, you lose all the valuable fiber and nutrients nutrients that are far better for you canada goose outlet usa than the chemical ones most flour is “enriched with. And the loss of these components confuses your body, making it think it hasn’t taken in enough canada goose outlet houston nourishment when it has, in fact, taken in too much. In general, all processed foods canada goose vest outlet work this way, while meat is nothing but fat (not the good kind), protein, and a few trace vitamins and minerals. Our bodies were not canada goose outlet vip designed to eat meat primarily; our digestion track more closely resembles an herbivore not a carnivore. canadian goose jacket

canada goose coats on sale You can find a lot of help with adopting a whole food, plant based diet. There are wonderful books (Quantum Wellness by Kathy Freston and the https://www.canadagoosejacketsaleca.com China Study by T. Colin Campbell) canada goose jacket outlet uk and documentaries (Forks over Knives and Planeat) to help increase your understanding of the benefits. The benefits to your health, your pocketbook, the animal kingdom, and the planet in general are still being measured canada goose coats on sale.