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Canada Goose Outlet I’m a child free, liberal, feminist, lesbian, ecumenical Catholic. There are others like me. Canada Goose Outlet

Serious question, because I genuinely curious: How is this possible without you being a “Cafeteria Catholic”? (Where you pick and choose which verses to follow the beatitudes mostly and disregard everything else).

canada goose black friday sale I mean good on you for following (presumably) the beatitudes, but Catholics are super strict about their rules. How are you a member in good standing of a recognized Catholic church? canada goose black friday sale

canada goose Again not bashing, not arguing. Just genuinely curious. canada goose

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canada goose factory sale I am as well. I recently posted about it. Being new to reddit and not knowing official canada goose outlet how to link the post I’ve copied it here, please forgive https://www.canadagooseonsale.biz the length: canada goose factory sale

cheap Canada Goose “I’m not the typical CF poster. I’m a 37 year old woman who thought for 10 years until last year that I desperately wanted children. Through various reasons (bad relationships and I’m a lesbian so I’m not likely to get accidentally knocked up) I never became a parent (thank God / whatever deity or non deity you worship, thank the universe etc). cheap Canada Goose

canada goose coats on sale So I became a foster parent. So excited. canada goose outlet toronto factory Yay. canada goose coats on sale

Oh holy hell. That sucked. Now granted the canada goose sale uk kid was a terror. Horrible trauma history, etc. I’m a canada goose outlet therapist canada goose outlet boston so I understood all the things. Yes I did love her. Yes I would have kept her out of a sense of obligation (which felt like a prison sentence at the end). Yes I grieved when she left. Yes I’ve had really sad days at the failure of it. She was removed from my home at the joint decision of me and her therapist because she was developing dangerous behaviors very reasonably related to her trauma history and sent to long term inpatient (those behaviors started before she came to me I learned later). I’ve seen this happen a fair bit in my field. And her history was one of the worst I’ve ever sense in my professional life. I’ve had discussions with a friend who said oh you don’t want kids now cause you’re grieving and because she was so hard but it’d be different with a more normal child.

Canada Goose Online I don’t think so. I realize it’s harder as a single parent but I was so exhausted all the time. And even with the financial help I received and with my very good income I struggled financially. I could no longer buy myself something if I wanted it because she needed something, I had to pay for childcare, etc. I couldn’t take off on a road trip if I wanted to. Couldn’t drink a beer or a glass of wine after work if I wanted. Couldn’t do anything spontaneously if I wanted. Couldn’t watch what I wanted. Had to tend to her every need. It was all about her. I thought I wanted that till I tried it and realized I didn’t like it. We were on vacation and pasted a cool historic pub and I wanted to go in so bad and couldn’t. No art museums or symphonies for me. She whined on hikes. Constantly nagged to play with my phone. Broke my favorite necklace. Did I canada goose outlet florida mention childcare is expensive. Couldn’t sleep in any more on the weekends. My pets were neglected. I couldn’t read or write or work on my photography. I never went to bed with dishes in the sink or laundry not put up till then. canada goose discount uk And don’t get me started on the school drop off line. I want to travel and see and do things and that wasn’t an option. Canada Goose Online

It caused me so much stress at work. Because I had to leave early to take her to appointments, pick her up for something, etc constantly. My coworkers began to resent me. All the constant trying to teach good behaviors and be on my best behavior cause you know, got to set a good example etc gave me anxiety. And her trauma history triggered my issues from my own childhood abuse.

As sad as I was when she left it was such a relief. Such a weight off my shoulders.

What if I had had a child and then realized all these things. Omg. Children deserve good parents who love them and want to be parents. I was told I was a very good parent to her by several people. But I felt like I was drowning at the same time.

Obviously given my age if I was gonna do that again I need to do it soon. But I really really don’t want to.

canada goose store I’ve heard all the reasons about children make you happy but that certainly wasn’t my experience. canada goose store

canada goose clearance sale I’ve heard about how you need children to take care of you when you’re old, but I see plenty of elderly people at my job who aren’t being care for by their crotch spawn (my new favorite phrase). canada goose clearance sale

I’ve heard all about the leaving a legacy argument. But why canada goose outlet seattle can’t my writing and art be a legacy. Also why do I need to leave a legacy. I help people every day in my job. Why isn’t that canada goose outlet uk fake enough. Truthfully to me that whole legacy business seems a bit narcissistic anyway.”

There was a bit more but I cut the rest off as not relevant. Turned 38. Still no longer want to crimp my style to be a parent. After all those years of focusing everything on it.