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So what? It definitely a weak point. Honestly if someone were intent on doing him harm, this is really the easiest way to do it. Even if his eating pattern were completely random, which by all accounts it isn someone is picking up that food and taking it to him.

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Now, at final 7 Gabby can get herself and the three girls together and just straight up blindside Christian like Parvati did Ozzy. Pick off all the men, possible all girl final three with Gabby sitting at the end with her resume as the leader of an alliance that dominated the end game. Obviously this scenario isn’t perfect but is obviously better for Gabby since she went home tonight haha..

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china I mean, you have to see why people were shitting on him right? Those quotes are out of context because they not in the heat of the moment anymore, those are all mostly said after Sparks let in a soft goal at the time. They not time stamped to each goal with video context as to why people said those things. So when you combine them together after he played an okay game a week or so later, of course it looks ridiculous wholesale nfl jerseys from china.