Children are still being separated from their families at the

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cheap jordans online “Aging may have slowed me down, but it hasn’t shut me up,”Claire Nelson, a member of the group,told Salon. “That’s true for a lot of us.”The crew of seniors, called “Grannies Respond,” plans to make a total cheap jordan trainers uk of cheap jordans retro 6 seven stops during its road trip, including Reading, Pennsylvania; Pittsburgh; Louisville, Kentucky; Montgomery, Alabama; New Orleans; and Houston, CBS News reports.About two dozen gray haired protesters from NY are heading to the Mexican border to express their disgust about children being locked up.The fed up nanas also plan to hold rallies and vigils at each city along the way, and keep a video diary of members’ personal experiences on its website.And if a “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” segment that featured them is any cheap jordans ireland indication, those vlog entries will be pretty interesting.Children are still being separated from their families at the border but there are some women cheap jordans under 20 dollars preparing to stop it, and they want you to call them. And then your Senators.President Donald Trump has since signed an executive order to stop his own administration’s separation policy and reunite the families that were torn apart. cheap jordans online

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