Damned by a “plague” of physical as well as mental sterility

Vermonter perspective: Penelope Wall calls Stowe her family’s “home mountain.” She can drive there from home in less than an hour with her crew: husband, Colin Alger, and kids Amelia, 5, and Angus, 3. All four snowboard. “It has some of the best terrain,” she adds.

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Written before PTL was unplugged and the birth dearth had turned into a baby boomlet, “The Handmaid’s Tale” is also a touch dated, though it remains an intriguing quilt of what ifs. Basically it is a story of surrogate motherhood run amok in a society dominated cheap valentino purses by iron fisted pulpit thumpers turned fascist militarists. Damned by a “plague” of physical as well as mental sterility, these people must have forgotten artificial insemination, fertility drugs and test tube babies.

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