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The Capital holds special memories for the musician. Has been kind to me in terms of supporting my music. I still remember, in the a couple of school going boys from Delhi, approached me to organise my concert at Siri Fort Auditorium, through a dear friend.

The government could garner only Rs 94 billion as compared to the target of Rs 400 billion. Even the Rs 94 billion of payment will not be received at one go by the government. The companies will pay it in installments. SGEU workers went on strike in 2006, after it opened negotiations with a proposal seeking a 27 per cent increase in wages and benefits over three years. The province originally offered an increase of 9.5 per cent with any enhancements coming out of that amount. That strike wrapped up a little more than one month after it started, with an agreement allowing for ratification of a 12 per cent replica bags in bangkok wage increase..

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