He does not seem like the 49ers flanker of the future to me he

canadian goose jacket The good and not so good from 49ers OTAs canadian goose jacket

canada goose black friday sale DE Arik Armstead. Armstead is the 49ers’ second best interior pass rusher after DeForest Buckner. Today, Armstead consistently pushed offensive linemen into the backfield using long, powerful arms. Armstead also beat a guard to the inside with a quick swim move, a move I hadn’t seen Armstead use effectively before. He seems to be improving as a pass rusher. But, he still struggles against the run. He loses sight of the ball carrier, and fails to set the edge against play action rollouts by the quarterback. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose LB Fred Warner. Rookie third round pick Fred Warner lined at middle linebacker with the starting defense, and relayed the defensive play calls to his teammates. It’s surprising the 49ers would ask a rookie to make the Canada Goose online calls, instead of Reuben Foster, who is entering his second season in the league. Perhaps the team isn’t confident in Foster’s ability to communicate on the field. canada goose

Canada Goose Outlet CB Ahkello Witherspoon, SS Jaquiski Tartt and FS Adrian Colbert. These are three fourths of the 49ers starting secondary, and each player has gotten stronger this offseason, especially Witherpsoon and Colbert. Both seem 10 pounds bigger than last season. Tartt doesn’t seem bigger, but he does seem leaner and stronger. I wouldn want him to hit me. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Jackets RB Matt Breida. Breida made the best catch of the Canada Goose sale day. He lined up at wide receiver, ran a go route down the sideline, burned rookie cornerback Tavarius Moore and caught the ball over his shoulder. Breida looked like a natural receiver on that play. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats RB Joe Williams. Williams made the best run of the day. He lined up in the shotgun, ran a stretch zone play to his right, made one cut and burst through the middle of the 49ers defense for uk canada goose a long touchdown. That was the type of run he made routinely in college. canada goose coats

canada goose clearance TE Garrett canada goose uk shop Celek. Celek beat cornerback Tyvis Powell in the red zone for a touchdown catch. Through three weeks of OTAs, Celek seems to be the 49ers’ go to guy in the red zone. canada goose clearance

TE George Kittle. Kittle made a leaping touchdown catch in the back right corner of the end zone he almost looked cheap canada goose uk like Canada Goose Coats On Sale Dwight Clark making The Catch. Kittle also made a leaping, twisting catch downfield on a pass thrown behind him.

canada goose coats on sale WR Kendrick Bourne. Bourne beat Tartt with a quick slant in the red zone for a touchdown catch (related: why do 49ers defensive backs consistently give up inside leverage in the red zone? In that area of the field, they should force receivers to win to the outside). Bourne has been the 49ers best young wide receiver this offseason. And like the young defensive backs, Bourne seems much stronger than last season. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Parka QB Jimmy Garopolo. Garoppolo threw an interception in the end zone a big no no. He was rolling to his left, and he had a receiver open Pierre Garcon. Garoppolo needed to set his feet and throw with his entire body, canadian goose jacket but didn’t. He threw off his back foot while falling away from the target a throw only Aaron Rodgers could make. Garoppolo’s throw hung in the air and allowed cornerback Greg Mabin, who was beat, to make the interception. play by Garoppolo. He’s better than that. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose online HC Kyle Shanahan. Twice canada goose uk outlet last year, the 49ers lost close games because a receiver ran an illegal pick and committed offensive pass interference. Today, the offense committed that penalty again, and the buy canada goose jacket cheap penalty negated a first down catch by Garcon. Shanahan needs to change how he coaches rub routes and pick plays. Canada Goose online

buy canada goose jacket LB Malcolm Smith. Smith missed practice canada goose black friday sale with a tweaked groin muscle. The team says it expects him to return to practice next week, but Smith seems injury prone. I’d be surprised if he lasts all season. buy canada goose jacket

CB Jimmie Ward. Ward missed practice with a tweaked ankle. Like Smith, the team says it expects Ward to return to practice next week, and maybe he will. But, it’s canada goose uk black friday just a matter of time before he injures something else. The 49ers can’t count on Ward, which means they need Richard Sherman to be excellent next season. Because if Sherman struggles, the 49ers second best cornerback after Witherspoon is Greg Mabin, who should NOT be a starter in the NFL.

buy canada goose jacket cheap CB Tarvarius Moore. Moore got beat deep by a running back who simply ran straight. Didn’t cut or anything. Moore couldn’t keep up. And he supposedly ran a 4.32 40 yard dash at his Pro Day. If Moore can’t cover a running back who’s lined up outside, Moore won’t be able to cover any NFL wide receivers for a while. buy canada goose jacket cheap

WR Dante Pettis. Pettis seemed scared of contact over the middle, especially in the red zone. Once, he ran a quick slant against Mabin, who jammed Pettis, beat him to the football and canada goose clearance sale knocked it away. Pettis never extended his arms to catch the football. Later, Pettis canada goose coats on sale ran the same route against Tavarus McFadden, and had the same result. McFadden jammed him and broke up the pass, and Pettis didn’t fight to catch it. He does not seem like the 49ers flanker of the future to me he gets bullied by big corners in traffic. He needs space to operate. Beathard. The one time Pettis was open on Tuesday,, Beathard missed him. Pettis ran a deep out route, and Beathard’s pass almost bounced in front of Pettis. Beathard’s inaccuracy is Blake Bortles esque.

DE Solomon Thomas. The team lists Thomas at 280 Cheap Canada Goose Coats pounds, be he looks no heavier than 265 pounds. Check him out for yourself in the pictures below. On Tuesday, the 49ers made Thomas drop into man to man coverage against tight end Garrett Celek while Celek sprinted up the seam. If Thomas really weighs 280 pounds, the 49ers wouldn’t ask him to drop deep into man to man coverage. And if he really weighs 280 pounds, the 49ers would have him rush from the interior of the line from time to time. But, Thomas didn’t do that once on Tuesday. From what I could tell, he rushed exclusively from the edge, and came off the field on second and long and third down. The nickel defensive line was Cassius Marsh, DeForest Buckner, Armstead and Jeremiah Attaochu, as it should be. Thomas is not currently one of the 49ers four best pass rushers.

And besides, if one player is a better communicator it doesn mean that the other player can or isn a good communicator. It simply means that one player is a better communicator. Is it really a shock that a player of Warner intelligence is a very good communicator?

cheap Canada Goose Additionally part of the reason for drafting Fred was due to his coverage ability, if you Canada Goose Online expect a player to be on the field for your money sub packages why wouldn you want that person learning to call the plays? Do canada goose coats you think the team would rather change who calls the plays from base downs to money downs? cheap Canada Goose

canada goose store 1. Ward hurt. Ward always hurt. Why did we draft him. Why is he highest paid D player. canada goose store

2. Pettis. I called it. This Canada Goose Outlet guy is not physical enough for NFL. 6 of 7 TD versus Fresno St/OSU

3. Grant seems to have a bone to pick with Solomon T.

canada goose deals 4. During an 11 on Canada Goose Jackets 11 red zone drill on Tuesday, the quarterback made four throws from the buy canada goose jacket 9 yard line or closer and all ended up as touchdowns despite close coverage from the defense. canada goose deals

5. Our Guard situation is troubling as it was last year.

6. Robert Mueller has announced that he will extend a lunch invitation to the Warriors cheap Canada Goose after they win the NBA Championship.

Canada Goose sale Not a good move since Ward can stay healthy and isn a very good CB when he is healthy. We are paying a ton of money for a uk canada goose outlet guy who will be a back up at best. Especially bad move since we did have several Canada Goose Parka other needs and beachcottage could have used cap space money for G or some of the veteran CB who are free agents. Canada Goose sale

We see about Pettis. I think he is canada goose clearance a wimp who will get canada goose factory sale dominated by press corners. There were several canada goose store other very talented WR and TE who we could have drafted in the 2nd. Reminder we traded up for this turkey.

canada goose clearance sale What player is he stopping them from signing? Hint, not a single player in the NFL canada goose makes 45 Mil. Take out the quarterbacks and they could sign the 2 highest paid position players on the market canada goose clearance sale.