He tried to tell the investigator the truth as many times as

Jaglovak comments on Colburn Calling in the License Plate Number

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I give up: WHY does that follow? The dispatcher had been told by someone else that a woman named Teresa Haibach had been reported missing and that she reportedly owned a Toyota with license plate number [whatever]. Wiegert gave Colborn the same plate number (which he got from TH mother) and asked Colborn to “run the plate” with the DMV to be sure the LP number that TH mother had given him was correct. That what Colborn did, plain and simple. Do you find anything suspicious about Colborn or any of the other parts of the case for that matter?

canada goose These guys had everything to lose. A small community with only about 30.000 people. From the moment he got off the wrong foot against the sheriff dept, with some poor decisions as a young man, they decided to get him. The loss of face when he was released must have been terrible for everyone involved in the canada goose womens outlet rape case. canada goose

A huge law suit hanging over their head, their career down the drain, and the deposition (or whatever it is called) could have been the drop. Less pressure have made people murderers, not to mention a motive to frame him when the chance came along.

cheap Canada Goose For the same reasons Avery shouldn have been pre judged, we shouldn judge who killed Teresa without the phorensics to back up the theories. However, it could be argued that there are canada goose outlet store quebec enough evidence to demand a re trial and leads that require further investigation. Brendand Dassey looks canada goose outlet parka like he had a strong case for canada goose outlet trillium parka black a complete exhonoration. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose coats on sale What is your take on the whole case?What is your take on the whole case? canada goose coats on sale

I a lawyer, so maybe I jaded. I watched the documentary three times, and have virtually no doubt it happened just as Brendan (finally) explained in the last half of his 5/13/06 interview (I call it an “interview” because he requested it, not the prosecution). After the first viewing, I was pretty sure Steven was guilty, but wasn persuaded it had been proved beyond a “reasonable doubt.” After the second (and third) watchings, I was convinced beyond a reasonable doubt.

I never cheap canada goose been convinced that any cop would risk prison to “plant” evidence on SA, especially the sort of “planting” that would be required canada goose outlet vancouver here. Non lawyers may not understand this, but Colborn and Lenk had no personal responsibility for SA lawsuit. canada goose outlet store uk A “deposition” is merely the giving of pre trial testimony; it doesn make the deponent liable for anything.

SA was guilty, period.

buy canada goose jacket You don believe the loyalty of the officers could have driven them to plant evidence to strengthen the case against Avery? Maybe not kill her, but if anyone would have a motive here in any case it would be the whole of the sherrif deptThe interview 5/13/06 was called by his lawyer, the day after he got his own investigator to force a confession from him. A confession that he got because they (O and Kanchinsky) managed to convince him that a confession would be best for him. With an IQ of 76 (?) I have no problem understanding that he bought that from someone he should be able to trust. He tried to tell the investigator the truth as many times as he could, until he realized he had to make something up in order to get what O wanted. The only story he knew was from the book he had read, and it turns out it is practically the same depiction. buy canada goose jacket

Alone with the investigators again he tries to go back to the true story, but again they won give up until they get his imagination to give them what they want. Kachinsky chose not to be present with his client and who did not believe him the one person that this kid should be able to trust. No matter how guilty you believe your client is, you must agree that you should believe your own client and work with what your client wants.