How DARE they do this to this blonde supermom!I wonder if she

Canada Goose Outlet “I know there’s a lot of noise out there about whether or not the numbers are right or wrong,” he told the crowd at a downtown hotel.”I can tell you that I would stand this budget and the documents up to an auditor, to the scrutiny, anywhere. Because it’s comparable to anything across Canada.”The budget is forecasting a $2.6 billion operating surplus and puts the province $1.1 billion in the black on a consolidated basis.”That $1.1 billion surplus on your balance sheet is real and it’s there,” Horner said. “And we expect it to continue.”However, the province is taking on $5.1 billion in debt through direct borrowing and P3 financing to help pay for its $6.6 billion capital plan.Under the Tory financial blueprint, Alberta will have $18.4 billion in debt on the books by the time of the next election in 2016.Wildrose MLA Rob Anderson said Horner has to try to sell his budget numbers because the public simply isn’t buying it.”People aren’t idiots and they don’t believe him,” he said.”What person in their right mind would think we’re in surplus when we have to borrow $5 billion. Canada Goose Outlet

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