However, for turntables using magnetic cartridges (like yours)

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canadian goose jacket I mean vinyl can get worn, but I canada goose outlet don know how long it takes with a magnetic cartridge playing at a “normal” tracking force. I believe DJs (the radio kind, not the scratching kind) did wear out records, but they typically used tracking force in excess of 4g and would play records many more times than your average user is likely too. Plus they probably didn take care of them. If your concerned about wear, probably a better investment would be some kind of record cleaning system. Smashing random debris into the grooves of your record is probably going to have and adverse affect on them. It also probably isn good for your stylus. canadian goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket Really cheap tables can damage your records. However, for turntables using magnetic cartridges (like yours) it isn as much of concern. Switching from a conical to an elliptical stylus does have benefits, but I don believe reduced wear is one of them. Only a line contact stylus (which spreads the pressure over a larger area) is going to cut down canada goose outlet 2015 on record wear from playback. Do you canada goose outlet ottawa have a stylus force gauge/scale? You need someway of measuring the tracking force. It should be around 1.5g for most moving magnet cartridges. If you are not sure canada goose jacket outlet sale of canada goose outlet location the tracking force, you need to make sure you are not using more than necessary. In addition to damaging your records, it can canada goose outlet online uk also mess up the cartridge. Too much tracking on a high compliance (very bendy) cartridge can cause it to bottom out on warped records buy canada goose jacket.