‘I don’t need sun cream, sure I just burn then tan’Without

canada goose Tags Summer Sunshine sweating Tis Hot See other tags Tags 8 things you’re definitely going to hear now that it’s boiling again It’s now officially TOO hot. By Rachel O’Neill Monday 25 Jun 2018 canada goose jackets , 9:00 PM Jun 25th 2018, 9:01 PM 6,733 Views No Comments http://canada goose jackets uk/4085366 Share2 Tweet Email AFTER SACRIFICING THOUSANDS of Leaving Certs students, the weather has decided to come through and get incredibly good again. Temperatures are set to hit up to 26 degrees which means we won’t be able to cope probably. Source: GIPHYHere are 8 things you’re definitely going to hear as we all start to melt.1. ‘Ah now, it’s definitely TOO hot’This is a fair statement to make as Irish people cannot cope with temperatures over 18 degrees. Anything over that is just taking the piss. Source: GIPHY2. ‘It’s hotter than *insert name of normally hot place* today’Yes it’s hotter than Lisbon or Cancun this particular day but we still have to live in Ireland all year round so who is the real winner here? Source: Pixabay3. ‘The sweat is dripping off me’.Nobody sweats quite like Irish people in the summer. Most of us are positively glistening at the 20 degree mark. Your make up will melt as will your live to live as all deodorants fail you at once. God’s speed. Source: GIPHY4. ‘I don’t need sun cream, sure I just burn then tan’Without sounding like your mam, everyone needs sun cream and you should know what kind works best for you. Otherwise you end up looking like this; Source: GIPHY5. ‘It’s like the Costa Del Portobello here’No it isn’t. The Costa Del Sol doesn’t have thousands upon thousands of empty cans lying around it after a session. PICK UP AFTER YOURSELVES.Aftermath in Portobello after canal cans. Guuyyyyys www.buchholz-net.de , not cool 😞 pic.twitter.com/CHAFIsIA8U— Méabh Ní Choileáin (@meabhnich) May 7, 20186. ‘Were there always so many people in the city?’Yes, we just all used to hide inside when the weather was crap. You don’t realise how many people truly live in your area until the sun comes out.One of the funnier things about Dublin city is that once the sun comes out it immediately becomes clear that we actually don’t have enough space for everyone once we’re not all hiding indoors.— Carl Kinsella (@TVsCarlKinsella) April 18, 20187. ‘God bless the Leaving Cert students, they’ve done it again’Yes the Leaving Cert is technically over on June 22nd but credit where credit’s due and all that jazz.I acknowledge the act of sacrifice made by those leaving cert students to the Sun God.— Maurice Sweeney (@mosweeney1) June 7, 20168. ‘Pints?’Pints. Source: GIPHYcanada goose outlet is on Instagram! canada goose parka