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replica Purse I miss hockey.Port of Seattle opposed another arena which they claimed would impact industrial functions (unclear how true this is vs them grandstanding)Mariners also opposed SoDo for what are agreed are BS replica bags wholesale mumbai reasons, but they still have cloutKey Arena is owned by the city, and therefore the city and taxpayers would lose money if a competing arena was built and took shows/events from Key ArenaSoDo arena MOU expired without Hansen every acquiring an NBA team as required and Hansen would not build without an NBA team which was looking increasingly unlikely to come any time soon.Hansen lost Steve Balmer as a key investor worth billions of dollars and never replaced himSoDo arena plan originally called for $100+ million in public money up front, generating oppositionKey Arena plan was 100% private dollars from the start and had none of the political opposition the SoDo site did. That where Ballmer came in.The financial plan in the MOU of the SoDo arena involved selling PSL for a basketball team, so without one it became a big money sink for them (hence why an NBA team was a requirement for the SoDo arena to start construction). No Ballmer, no basketball team. replica Purse

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