)I know some don’t want reminders of what people can do to

KnockOff Handbags That’s exactly what I was getting at in my first response to the OP. Why then would you give the plus one to someone who posts nonsense about another group? If you had been listening to me you would have understood that from the beginning, but instead you get behind someone who says people with none belief and kill are somehow worse than people with belief? You seem to think it’s only hate speech if it is against fundamental Christians.Will you finally admit that Atheist are no worse than any other people?Thank you for reminding us of relatively recent events in the not too distant past, of examples of secular belief systems that are far better comparisons to ISIS than Christianity (even Radical Christianity.)I know some don’t want reminders of what people can do to millions, in modern history even, if they lack a belief in god and religion. In other words, the common belief held by so many here on HubPages that Christianity causes such things and is to be compared to such things, is put back in perspective with simple facts and logic. KnockOff Handbags

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