I value true love, acceptance, and openness so much that I’m

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Designer Replica Bags It is just that this time, the EC has enforced them very strictly.So far, the EC’s office has seized over Rs 40 crore in cash which has not been claimed by anyone. It has put into place squads, “flying”and “static”, which rush to a spot when there is a tip off from a member of the public.The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam has become so rattled by the EC’s tough stand that the chief minister took the unprecedented stand of publicly attacking the EC for declaring what he termed as a “mini emergency” in the state, and the DMK’s anti EC rhetoric continues unabated.Even Home Minister P Chidambaram lamented the absence of festivities in the state that an election brings. However, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, who came to Chennai to release the Congress party’s manifesto, skirted around the controversy, by saying that he did not want to comment on the functioning of the Election Commission, mandated by the Constitution to conduct free and fair elections.In a state such as Tamil Nadu, to have an luxury replica bags ordinary inspector of police stop the convoy of GK Vasan, senior Congress leader in Dindigul, because it had more than the permitted four cars, shows how seriously the State Electoral Officer Praveen Kumar and his team are taking their job, and even more important the extent to which they have managed to empower the officials to act independently.The inspector who stopped the Congress convoy said he would have to be answerable to the EC if he allowed them.The EC is going in for aggressive vehicle checking in the state and heroic stories of ordinary officials, doing their duty at considerable risk, are doing the rounds Designer Replica Bags.