I was underlevelled but I didn want to backtrack

What was the worst build you have ever played

Ah, that what I canada goose outlet toronto need in my build: A +3 staff. For some reason, I was only thinking of a +1 or a +2 chest. I also personally picked up EE (even though the FD totem hits for fire, my reasoning being that Orb of Storms will override the EE for some extra damage for bossing, AND I have fire pen to mitigate non boss resistances fairly well; Still playing around with it to see what feels better as to what better on paper).I also saved my Orb of Storms from needing the crit gem by instead adding +2 to base crit canada goose outlet ontario on a helm, which was enough that I could keep up EO in packs, though I gotta check how it does with bosses.Edit: I just remembered that if I want canada goose outlet price to take AB, I have to drop EE, so I just did that. Was trying to remember why I didn grab it last night when I was theorycrafting itMy first canada goose outlet build was a CI Freeze Pulse witch. Didn follow a guide. All of my ES gear was self found and really terrible so I had something like 3k or 4k ES in maps (this was at a time where glass cannon ES builds had at least 6 8k and tankier builds had >10k). I was constantly getting stunned because I didn know to buy a 1c Chayula amulet. Didn know how to properly scale damage so I just canada goose outlet online uk had a bunch of increased spell http://www.cheapcanadagoose.com canada goose outlet vip damage I could manage white mobs but bosses took a long time to kill. I never got out of the low mid 60s in level because I died several times in every map. I was underlevelled but I didn want to backtrack, I was dragging myself through every zone and map through sheer determination.IIRC my next build was crit arc witch and while it was still quite bad, I was at least not dying so often that I couldn level up past 70. Third build I think was RT Cyclone which was my first Atziri killer. This was back canada goose discount uk in. Harbinger I think?Bow Gladiator. Had to invest waaaaay too much in block that the damage and life pool just wasn thereFlame Surge trapper pre trap rework.Self cast Frenzy focussed discharge. I have tried twice in league and about 4 times canada goose outlet toronto address with Standard respecs to make this build work. One day I swear I will be able to make it viable.Honourable mentions that I tested in Standard but they didn work: canada goose outlet houston Ice Spear ignite prolif, COC flamesurge flicker strike, Mjonlir flicker strike, elemental shield throwlastly: two ideas that are too memey to ever be viable: Hybrid+MOM Viper Strike Trickster using Corrupted Energy, and COC Flame Surge RF Coruscating Elixir Champion using Innocence staff (making full use of the flat damage to both attacks and spells)a solid 50% of my shit build ideas involve Flame Surge lmaoIn Perandus(my first league), after i decided to drop my first character about time me and my buddy got to highgate(i went completely blind and understood nothing about the game), i decided to make summoner. I mean, how hard could that be, right? I even found some guide, looked at the tree, suggested uniques etc. and then did my own thing. Started ok, went good, somewhere until a3 merc when i started feeling bad and shortly quite terrible. My minions were dying, I was dying, only enemies were not dying. From perspective, I should keep my gems lvl higher, maybe some +lvl, more hp, resists,use offerings(I didn even though i took mistress of sacrice!xd). But i was willing to keep going. Until my friend who in the meantime managed to get to lvl70s(he actually followed a guide), suggested we killed merc Malachai. Why? Who knows. I died probably more than 10 times on Piety, so did my minions. Moment i again died instantly from her beam, the second i entered the arena, was the moment when i made new character.In prophecy(my friend convinced me to try hc), I tried doing RAT TS scion. It not even that stupid by itself, but my tri totem dps and my survivability were so laughable. In cruel crematorium i spent 10 15 minutes fighting Hatebeat for whatever reason. Maybe it would get good canada goose outlet parka if I got to maps with it, but i stupidly died on freezing strongbox in merc prison :/Freezing Pulse Inq with 2x Apep Rage + The Covenant. Just my own fail in build design because it was not possible to scale efficiently both chaos dmg and cold dmg. Refactored it into pure cold FP with Pledge and MoM. While some of my builds have been difficult leveling, this one was the absolute worst. It was basically enter area, die, fight enemies, and die again. Act 3 was a nightmare and at Lunaris, I just gave up and said I messed this up so badly, I don even want to try and fix this because if it worse than your first build in POE, that totally wrong.far as builds that reached mapping, the worst one would have to by Hyaon Fury for me. I had the brilliant idea of using it with Assassin figuring I could just use frenzy to build up charges, horrible idea. Everything about it sucks. The base damage is crap. MAKING a shield is difficult, as no one even sells the base you want, and buying one is prohibitively expensive. You need a stat stick, which means your build cost is comparable to Blade Flurry, and it does a fraction of the damage. There aren enough good nodes on the tree, you can use any Projectile Supports other than Pierce without killing your clear, and the only advantage is that it a ranged skill which can use Ancestral Warchief for Attack Speed.

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