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Of the farms run by the interviewed owners, five (62%) raised 1 kg meat chickens for one company recorded as company A and reportedly did not use any antibiotics unless the chickens were sick. The other three surveyed farms (38%) raised 3 kg meat chickens for a different company recorded as company B and reportedly routinely used an antibiotic regimen for disease prevention (Table 1). None of the surveyed farms reportedly used long term low dose antibiotics for growth promotion.

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The land the observatory is on was donated, the telescope was purchased through a foundation, the observatory building was built by a contractor who generously supplied their labor at no canada goose victoria parka outlet charge, we only paid for the materials. And the materials for the observatory was paid through fundraising money from individuals, corporations and grants. There are a lot of folks out there willing to part with perfectly good money if you know where to look.

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