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canada goose factory sale It not about kd, not canada goose outlets uk about w/l, it about the pure enjoyment (or lack thereof) factor. Side note, people should relish jumping into blowout games to get rocket launcher camo done. LolYou stupid or just being stupid. Must be made known at least 48 hours before blog the start of it.ihateslowmotion 1 point submitted 20 days agoUfc 223 main event changed less than 48 hours before showtime, so you saying that wasn a legal fight? There was a canada goose black friday 80 off thread on sherdog (mma forum) around ufc 223 where people were asking about refunds and it was posted that you can only get a refund if the main event changes within 48 hours of showtime, other wise they are covered by the fine print of “card is subject to change” I may be linking to the wrong law, but that was the conclusion that was reached the last time the canada goose on black friday issue of the main event changing in NY occurred.ihateslowmotion 2 points submitted 21 days agoGSP came out of retirement to fight a quickly aging Bisping who gsp used to mop the floor with in training sessions. The stars aligned perfectly for him to have a comeback fight, but he hasn had a real fight in over half a decade and shouldn be given these excellent opportunities on a golden platter.If Gsp wants to come back, put him in line behind Tony and have him fight someone else uk stockists of canada goose jackets first to prove he is worthy of a title shot. We really have no idea if GSP is even any good against today talent pool canada goose factory sale.