In any case, she shouldn be “evil”, but she shouldn be

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Finding out where the villain is hiding should take the party 4 months? Well that character looses 4 months of their life (either they age, or their ultimate demise comes to them that much faster), to pay for skipping that part of their life journey. It can be simple stuff, like there a grotto where she harvests her alchemy ingredients (like fish gills or frog toes or other nasty hag eske stuff) but its been taken over by goblins, and she wants the party to clear it out. Or, she has a more nefarious edge to her, like, using the life she takes Clicking Here from others in her bargains, and adds it to her own, extending her own life, or rejuvenating her youth.In any case, she shouldn be “evil”, but she shouldn be benevolent either.

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