It also must be admitted that the jihadists had much better

How we can fix the Pak problem

The Uri terror attacks certainly originated from Pakistan occupied Kashmir or Pakistan and were sponsored by Pakistan. Eighteen brave men, mostly from the Bihar Regiment and Dogra Regiment, were killed. A readout of their names shows that they had come from all over India.

canadian goose jacket Clearly, this was war on India. This was terror at canada goose outlet new york its ugliest. It also must be admitted that the jihadists had much better intelligence about their target, were well equipped and had some local help. canadian goose jacket

One has only to read what Pakistani canada goose outlet official leaders have been saying about India over the years and this does not mean only ‘leaders’ like Muhamed Saeed canada goose outlet online uk or canada goose outlet legit Masood Azhar, but even many of their democrats like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto or eminences like A Q Khan, and then understand their visceral hatred for India.

For this lot, and many more, they were the rightful heirs to the throne in Delhi after the British left and today’s Hindu BJP majority is a particular anathema. This attitude pervades the thinking in their army, civil service and the political circles although some may be too suave canada goose outlet uk to say so.

This is what we are up against when we deal with Pakistan.

IMAGE: A shop during relaxation of curfew in Srinagar. Photograph: PTI Photo

There are many in India who persist with their belief that political circles in Pakistan have a different point of view on India in comparison to the army’s stance on India.

buy canada goose jacket When it relates to India, the Pakistan army, ruling politicians from the Punjab, the civil service and civil society have the same view. buy canada goose jacket

They may have differences when it comes to handling Balochistan, canada goose outlet london uk Sindh, the MQM, the economy, education policies, freedom of the media, but not about India and Pakistan’s claim on Kashmir.

It is naive for us to hope that if we are sufficiently nice to Pakistani politicians, make concessions, this could drive a wedge between the politicians and the army and lead to a more conciliatory approach by Pakistani politicians and civil society.

Both are under the yoke of the Pakistan army and this is the State within the canada goose outlet store calgary State that has to be tackled.

cheap canada goose uk An olive branch in response to each depredation is viewed as a sign of weakness, not statesmanship as some of us would like to believe. cheap canada goose uk

We also pay tax payers’ money for their security, upkeep and medical benefits amounting to crores while they retain their secessionist stance. This is absurd logic.

This bunch represents no one except themselves, cannot win an election and are the mouth pieces of Pakistan. It is only the elected representatives in the state assembly who represent the people.

Besides, we have tried this approach for the last 70 years, but it has not worked. It is time we tried a different approach.

canada goose clearance sale Separate Kashmir from Pak relations canada goose clearance sale

The domestic issue of Kashmir must be separated from our relations with Pakistan and both must be tackled separately.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Pakistan’s avowed policy is the dismemberment of India, and Kashmir is the route. Kashmir is not the end. They would follow their war of attrition, their thousand year war, with a thousand cuts, in the hope that India will succumb one day. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Kashmir is in this state today, not just because of Pakistan, but also because of the politics of our dynastic politicians who have ruled the state. Every periodic crisis means the politicians turn to the security forces to help bail them out.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale In the process, it is the army which gets the blame whereas the real fault lies with the political leaders who have never made good use of the interregnums to sort out issues among themselves. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose uk shop When Pakistan launches its terror attacks, it has a fair idea how we and the world will react and it knows that it can prepare for the next attack with impunity. canada goose uk shop

canada goose coats The more reasonable nuclear powers consider nuclear weapons as a deterrent. Pakistan, being an irresponsible State, openly considers its nuclear weapons as a strike weapon against enemy India and uses its cover to continue its jihadi warfare against India. canada goose coats

Despite the best arrangements, acts of terror will take place. But when a terror strikes in the same region with similar tactics, routes and targets, this is not just a security breach, but a systemic failure.

Obviously, where the security systems and the intelligence systems are not adequate or imperfectly coordinated, the chances of terror are higher.

When an attack canada goose outlet takes place, the first priority is to neutralise the attack, save lives, move the injured to hospitals, and not to look for causes. canada goose outlet in new york High decibel debates and fists punched canada goose outlet store montreal in air, are just that. So much air.

What India needs is sustained action taken at a time of our choosing, all things considered and in cold calculated rage.

IMAGE: Srinagar on Eid ul Zuha this year. Photograph: Umar Ganie

cheap Canada Goose We must get our narrative right and this is highly important because the battle is psychological and one of perceptions cheap Canada Goose.