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Pretty disappointed in Season 2

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canada goose coats Unless explicitly stated, it is to be assumed that all views expressed here are not of a legal nature. I really enjoyed it because it delved quite deep into the justice system and the forensics and science behind the evidence. I would argue that there was a lot that was covered, and a lot that was uncovered in this season I was not aware of in the first. This is real life, this isn a fictional crime show where the crime is committed, murderer found and banged up all in the space of an hour. canada goose outlet winnipeg address I watched S2 all the way thru probably 3 times now. I guessing they were expecting different outcomes with what was filed, planned on getting footage of Brendan getting out and settling back into ordinary life, etc. so they were limited at times content wise. You think they just hold off on releasing it but it takes a couple years to film a season. I just felt like the documentary showed her finding all of this evidence from her doing a project that if I was against SA, I could’ve also demonstrated plausibility with a silly project. I don’t mind some of the ideas she had to entrench herself better in the case but they spent waaaay too much time on it and it wasn’t necessary in my opinion. Again, I wanted this show to be more efficiently told and eliminating her projects and focusing on more scientific fact would’ve helped. Reich never mentions the source of the DNA on canada goose outlet official the key. Says it could come from a toothbrush or cigarette, but NEVER does a saliva test on it. Makes a huge spiel about the different test he can do. Runs all those test on the latch, but not one on the key. I think Brendan would even be smart enough to question that. canada goose coats

Dr. Palenik, never mention the word “ricochet”. You think an “expert” would mention this as a possibility canada goose outlet montreal and at least make an argument to discredit it. Nope!

canada goose uk shop And holy shit the Brain Fingerprinting. Already posted about it. SA knows everything about the crime except for canada goose outlet online the one thing they made up, thus proving his guilt with their own test, yet they dismiss it and chalk it up to “he learned it at trail”. canada goose uk shop

Canada Goose Outlet Why don you take the time to canada goose outlet price go read them before you reply with some bullshit witty comment. I notice you don even mention the call pinging from a different towers clearly showing TH left the property when the state case was based on the fact she never left. Why did Colburn receive info the car was on the side of the road and never report it? How did the ex get the journal that was in the car with TH when she was at Avery Since you think you so much smarter than KZ explain it all Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Online Edit: damn your entire post history is here and r/stevenaveryisguilty with one post in the_donald. I think it safe to canada goose coats uk say you may have an unhealthy obsession with tthis or possibly are KK yourselfKZ just came off cocky to me and like it’s become the Zellner show with random bits of unneeded footage of the Mom and dad to make people feel bad for the monster that is avery. I mean they probably figure people will feel horrible that he’s not there taking care of them and forget about the cat and underage relative and it just feels like they’re trying to make us feel bad for Avery(but not as much Brendan) especially when they tossed in the lady breaking his heart. It’s like they’re trying really hard to make him seem good and she’s just kinda cocky to me. I couldn’t stand most of the episodes it was filler stuff Canada Goose Online.