Jungkook pitied your discomfort so he decided to pick you up

over sized jacket

Aries: speaking in front of a large crowd, fight scenes in movies, hot drinks, endless compliments, trying something new, trying something dangerous, curiosity,Namjoon went to go pick up canada goose jacket outlet store your boyfriend Namjoon from Bighit but as soon as you got there he sent you a text that he is going to be a bit longer than he expected, so you decided to wait in you car for him. Around half an hour later you fell asleep and then 20 minutes later Namjoon came to get in the car. But he couldn get in, since you were asleep. He tried tapping on the window, then canada goose outlet us shouting, then banging but you weren waking up. He couldn help but laugh at how much of a deep sleeper you are but then he realized, you were wearing his jacket canada goose womens outlet and canada goose outlet kokemuksia shirt. He couldn help but stare at how big his clothes look on your small frame. Whilst he was ogling you he didn realize that you had woken up, noticed he was staring and then became canada goose jacket outlet laughing. You finally opened the canada goose outlet in vancouver car and your embarrassed boyfriend jumped in with his eyes down and loudly cleared his throat. You burst out in a fit of giggles making jokes the whole way home canada goose outlet store uk about how adorable he is.Originally posted by joonjulySeokjin were out late last night with some of your girl friends so Seokjin went to bed without you, he had some recollection of you getting into bed early in the morning but he went canada goose outlet winnipeg address straight back to bed. So in the morning he went and made tea for the two of you but when he came back he smiled at the scene before him. The covers had slightly fallen off the top half of your body revealing the fact that you wore one of his buy canada goose uk white canada goose outlet in chicago shirts to bed. Since his shoulders are quite broad and since you https://www.getcanadagooseoutlet.com had moved around in the night the shirt had came off one of your shoulder revealing your strong collarbones. When you finally canada goose outlet eu woke up you gave him a lazy smile canada goose outlet website legit and happily accepted the tea, when you realized that he was staring at your collarbones you crinkled the material against your face shying away from his gaze. He finally got back into bed with you as he chuckled i love you as he put his long arm across your shoulders.Originally posted by bwiseoksHoseok boyfriend Hoseok as to spend a lot of time at Bighit since he really needs to create some choreography for their new comeback. However at home you canada goose outlet jackets get really lonely without having your hyperactive boyfriend around you all the time., so for the past week you been spending time with Hoseok at Bighit and the canada goose outlet other boys whenever they were there. One day you were sat in the corner of the practice room on your phone whilst Hoseok was trying out some combo moves. It was getting late and your eyes were getting heavy so you grabbed whatever was closest to you and draped it over you so you can nap. When Hoseok finally decided to take a break he grabbed his water bottle and looked over to you he almost cried at your cuteness. You were curled up in the corner wrapped up in his. All he wanted to do was to take you home and let you canada goose outlet store near me sleep comfortably but he was still no where finished. So all he did was plant a kiss on your forehead and got back to work.Originally posted by nycbtsloverYoongi had been working so hard all day to meet a certain deadline. He knew you had retired for the night about 3 hours ago. It was now nearing 1 o so he knew that you would be sound asleep. However what he didn expect was to see you snuggled up on your side of the bed in a pair of his jogging bottoms and a sports bra. To make it even better you could see all of the love bites covering your collarbones and neck from the night before, he smirked at the remembrance of last night and how you were his and his alone. He didn understand how one girl can be so cute but undeniably hot at the same time. As soon as he slipped into bed you snuggled up to him causing his to fall asleep with his gummy smile on his face.Originally posted by seokjins wingsJimin had only been gone an hour. He left you to go you the gym for one hour. But when he got back you were asleep, sprawled out on the sofa your mouth agape snoring rather loudly. But that wasn the thing that canada goose outlet 80 off amused him the most. All of the clothes you were wearing were his, his jogging bottom, t shirts and he could even see the waistband from one of his pairs of boxers canada goose outlet nyc peaking out of the bottom.Originally posted by parkjmzlTaehyung always enjoyed seeing canada goose outlet online you in his clothes, and you always love to wear them. But no matter how many times he saw you in his t shirts or jackets it still affected him. At this moment in time you were asleep in the canada goose outlet locations in toronto car whilst he was driving the two of you home. His favourite Gucci jacket was draped over the whole of your body as you sat curled up canada goose factory outlet vancouver in a ball sleeping like a rock completely oblivious to anything and everything around you. He kept on stealing glances at you through the corner of his eye, his hand that was on the steering wheel kept clenching and unclenching at the thought of his cologne from his jacket filling your nose with every inhale. You had woke up at the sound of him closing his car door canada goose sale uk and opening yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he carried you in the house. A light blush spread across his face as he looked at you in his clothes, it made him feel possessive over you and all he could think about was getting his hands under that shirt. He was just about canada goose outlet toronto to slip his hands under the hem when you uttered a soft whimper from your lips and began to wriggle around looking for comfort. Jungkook pitied your discomfort so he decided to pick you up to take you to the bed. However half way you woke up and unconsciously buried your head into the crook of his neck for warmth which made Jungkook almost keen over at how adorable you are. When you finally reached the bed his put a loose arm around around you as you cuddled up to his side.Originally posted by jengkookWhat if Castiel had always been Dean Guardian Angel though? What if he was assigned to Dean as soon as the fire came to be, a young angel wanting desperately to earn his stripes and do right by his superiors, in order to keep the eldest Winchester in line.

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