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cheap jordans for sale They also don’t know how mobile/online ticketing works so they always have problems providing a ticket or proof of purchase and then accuse us of making a mistake.Gaardc 10 points submitted 11 days agoThere some smart cats out there. Mine is too lazy to “track” treats under the couch but we rescued a tux kitten a few months back and she would struggle all morning if it meant getting the treat container open; it had a snap close flap, but if dropped, the whole lid would pop off 9/10 times giving up the kitty treasure trove.kookaburra1701 2 points submitted 11 days agoWe had to get a locking trashcan because my two cats figured out how to open the heavy foot pedal operated one. My fat orange cat would push down on the foot pedal while my long skinny black one would go fishing for whatever smelled nice, then they would share the cheap jordan retro 3 spoils.After the last cat died this summer (18.5 years old, RIP Costello) we are still finding childproof gadgets we had to put on doors and cupboards because of them. cheap jordans for sale

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