More than half of them nationwide face verbal harassment

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canada goose outlet black friday There was a time when doctors told people suffering from back pain to head straight to bed. But those days are long gone. As Third Way spells out in a handy explainer, 14 states, the District of Columbia and hundreds of local school districts already have their own policies that protect transgender students from discrimination.Transgender students are among the most vulnerable people in schools. More than half of them nationwide face verbal harassment, a quarter are physically attacked and 13 percent are sexually assaulted while attending school because they are transgender, according to the 2015 National Transgender Discrimination Survey. Seventy seven percent experience mistreatment between kindergarten and 12th grade, the survey says.The big development to watch when it comes to discrimination against trans people comes in March, when the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in the case of Gavin Grimm, a transgender teenager who’s suing the Gloucester County School Board canada goose outlet in Virginia for denying him the ability to use school canada goose outlet new york city bathrooms that match his gender identity canada goose outlet black friday.