Nepetalactone is a chemical compound found in catnip’s leaves

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cheap jordans shoes It’d be more like giving a baby weed, which is, well, still not allowed, but not quite as scary sounding.Catnip is a herb that’s a member of the mint family. Nepetalactone is a chemical compound found in catnip’s leaves and stems, and is a stimulant when sniffed, giving cats a sort of ‘high’ that lasts for around ten minutes.It’s thought cheap white jordan shoes that nepetalactone mimics feline pheremones and thus triggers all the cat’s receptors for excitement and energy. They might roll around, meow, drool, and be more playful.Not all cats are affected by catnip, and some will respond with aggression rather than joy and rolling around.Young kittens aren’t affected by catnip at all, so you’ll need to wait until your cat has grown up before finding out if they’re sensitive to catnhip highs.But what we can discuss Cheap jordans is the actual safety of giving cats catnip and why it’s not the same as giving a baby crack cocaine.First things first there’s no evidence that suggests catnip is addictive to cats.Catnip can indeed change a cat’s behaviour, and that’s something to watch cheap air jordan 8 carefully, but there’s also no evidence to show that catnip poses serious health risks unlike crack cocaine.In fact, catnip can be beneficial to cats.’The plant can have some beneficial impacts on feline welfare such as providing environmental enrichment and stimulation for those cats who respond to, and engage cheap jordan 32 with it.’Dr Vanessia Howie, Cats Protection’s Head of Clinical Services, backs this up.(Picture: Andrew Marttila/REX/Shutterstock)’There is no evidence to show that there cheap jordan 13 are health risks associated with giving cats catnip,’ Vanessa tells us. cheap jordans shoes

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