‘Never, ever’ or ‘The only way to go’: Cambridge underground

canada goose coats on sale When will unpopular 1 park and ride charge be scrapped?A 15 per cent fall in park and ride users has been reported since the charge was introducedA 15 per cent fall in park and ride users has been reported since the charge was introduced, with many citing the daily cost of using the service as the reason.Cambridgeshire County Council is looking to reduce congestion in the city, and removing the parking fee across all park and ride sites has been suggested to help with this.’Go the whole hog and make it free’: City bus users’ suggestions for improving serviceThis will be considered in full later in the year but it is expected that other public bodies would help the county council make up the funding shortfall removing the charge would cause.”We’re a lean directorate having continually made savings over the last few years. So the challenge is now to look to the future and at ways we can maximise our income by transforming the way we work and deliver services, and we are already seeing some excellent examples of this.’Never, ever’ or ‘The only way to go’: Cambridge underground idea sparks debate”Although it was the right decision at its introduction, we see the potential removal of the parking fee as a positive move to continue to make park and ride the first transport choice for people coming into the city.Cllr Roger Hickford, deputy leader of the council, said: “I think the park and ride charge was done for the right reason. The council was in a different position then. canada goose coats on sale

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