Please, be kind to each other

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They are not compatible with the fundamental values, such as equality and justice, enshrined in the Constitution. The State is supposed to play a negotiating role, reconciling and mitigating the conflict between Constitutional values and those entrenched in culture. The State institutional apparatus, including schools and universities, are directly involved in this difficult task..

Barbara Jones told me that libraries are often the most trusted institutions in a community. Referencing the racial protests following the killing of Michael Brown this summer, Jones told me that the library stayed open during the time when the schools were closed. It made me think that instead of banning Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, they might have had a public discussion about it.

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But those comparisons don’t mention that local police in Rhode Island are under no legal obligation to determine a suspect’s immigration status and that some specifically choose not to. That distinction is critical because city and town police officers are directly responsible for investigating neighborhood crime and would presumably have greater opportunity to encounter illegal immigrants than state troopers. Immigration and Customs Enforcement unless a search for criminal history or outstanding warrants reveals the individual is wanted for an immigration violation, said Police Chief Dean Esserman..

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