plus a matte black rubber

What’s striking about the G Watch is how ordinary it looks. There’s the rectangular glass touchscreen display screen, with a stainless steel case that works as the bluetooth antenna, as the centerpiece, plus a matte black rubber watch strap. You can replace the watch straps, preferably 22mm straps work best, however out of the box it’s an extremely underwhelming experience.

Commuters in the densely populated region awoke to windblown snow less than 24 hours after enjoying spring like temperatures and faced slick highways. Forecasters said Thursday weather had the potential to be the most powerful storm that some areas have seen in a mostly snow free winter. New York City could see 8 to 12 inches and the Philadelphia area 4 to 8 inches.

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While Colin Kaepernick’s original decision to kneel was based on a belief that police are unfairly targeting blacks, commissioner Roger Goodell’s comments and the mass protests Sunday were not done in the same vein. They were done to send an anti Trump political message. As the son of a decorated World War II veteran, I find kneeling and/or boycotting the anthem as a sign of disrespect, not protest.

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While the tying of Gran and Lyria together does feel both hasty and a little forced, it does feel sufficiently explained to make it work. Gran would never have been able to actually leave the island had Katalina and Lyria not shown up, something made more apparent by the reactions of the villagers, and particularly his best friend Aaron, when he announces his departure. Likewise without the meeting with Gran and her saving his life, Lyria might have lacked the motivation to truly understand her own power.

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