Prague, Czech Republic — £53

canada goose The 13 cheapest holiday destinations in the world for couples Alison Millington Feb. 14 rkliedtke , 2018 rkliedtke , 7:10 AM A beer in Bali, Indonesia costs just £1.38.Dmitry Polonskiy/ShutterstockWith January finally over and warmer weather on the horizon, it’s time to start planning your next trip — and Valentine’s Day is a great reason to think about a getaway for two. The Post Office Holiday Money Report has revealed the cheapest holiday hotspots in the world in 2018 that make for the perfect holiday for a couple or two friends. To produce the ranking, the company looked at the cost of the following items in 42 destinations around the world: a three-course meal for two with a bottle of house wine, cup of coffee, bottle of local beer, can of Coca-Cola, glass of wine, bottle of still water, suncream, and insect repellent. It doesn’t include how much it costs to get somewhere, or the price of accommodation. The costs were compiled with the help of national and regional tourist boards and specialist tour operators. And there’s good news — in more than 40% of the places on the list, the costs of items like meals and drinks are less than they were a year ago. From Bali to Budapest, scroll down for a look at the cheapest holiday destinations in the world for couples, ranked in ascending order by the total cost of key holiday essentials: 1/ 13. Mombasa, Kenya — £66.77 for holiday essentials. Photosite/Shutterstock Cup of coffee:£1.63 Beer:£2.29 Coca-Cola:£1.51 Glass of wine:£3.26 Bottle of mineral water:£0.50 Suncream:£11.25 Insect repellant:£2.27 Meal for two:£44.06 2/ 12. Bali, Indonesia — £66.61. Dmitry Polonskiy/Shutterstock Cup of coffee:£2.10 Beer:£1.38 Coca-Cola:£0.51 Glass of wine:£4.50 Bottle of mineral water:£0.36 Suncream:£10.32 Insect repellant:£0.64 Meal for two:£46.80 3/ 11. Hoi An, Vietnam — £65.85. Shutterstock/Romas_Photo Cup of coffee:£1.45 Beer:£2.18 Coca-Cola:£1.45 Glass of wine:£5.08 Bottle of mineral water:£0.54 Suncream:£4.35 Insect repellant:£1.81 Meal for two:£48.99 4/ 10. Budapest, Hungary — £65.39. Reuters/Bernadett Szabo Cup of coffee:£1.55 Beer:£1.55 Coca-Cola:£1.24 Glass of wine:£3.09 Bottle of mineral water:£0.37 Suncream:£9.28 Insect repellant:£1.92 Meal for two:£46.39 5/ 9. Porec, Croatia — £61.54. Old Istrian town in Porec, Croatia motorolka/Shutterstock Cup of coffee:£1.53 Beer:£2.30 Coca-Cola:£2.04 Glass of wine:£2.55 Bottle of mineral water:£0.77 Suncream:£7.66 Insect repellant:£5.11 Meal for two:£39.58 6/ 8. Paphos, Cyprus — £57.72. Shutterstock/Lucky-photographer Cup of coffee:£2.64 Beer:£2.37 Coca-Cola:£1.91 Glass of wine:£2.91 Bottle of mineral water:£0.26 Suncream:£7.27 Insect repellant:£5.87 Meal for two:£34.49 7/ 7. Marmaris, Turkey — £55.65. canyalcin / Shutterstock Cup of coffee:£1.45 Beer:£2.07 Coca-Cola:£1.45 Glass of wine:£2.48 Bottle of mineral water:£0.41 Suncream:£7.24 Insect repellant:£3.31 Meal for two:£37.24 8/ 6. Costa del Sol, Spain — £55.20. David Herraez Calzada/Shutterstock Cup of coffee:£1.18 Beer:£1.82 Coca-Cola:£1.09 Glass of wine:£1.82 Bottle of mineral water:£0.35 Suncream:£4.50 Insect repellant:£3.35 Meal for two:£41.09 9/ 5. Cape Town, South Africa — £54.95. wolffpower/Shutterstock Cup of coffee:£1.38 Beer:£1.57 Coca-Cola:£1.07 Glass of wine:£3.14 Bottle of mineral water:£0.75 Suncream:£7.84 Insect repellant:£5.02 Meal for two:£34.18 10/ 4. Prague, Czech Republic — £53.40. iStock Cup of coffee:£2.06 Beer:£1.35 Coca-Cola:£1.83 Glass of wine:£3.37 Bottle of mineral water:£0.45 Suncream:£7.67 Insect repellant:£5.61 Meal for two:£31.06 11/ 3. Algarve, Portugal — £44.25. ruj/Shutterstock Cup of coffee:£0.64 Beer:£1.00 Coca-Cola:£1.18 Glass of wine:£1.14 Bottle of mineral water:£0.45 Suncream:£4.54 Insect repellant:£5.27 Meal for two:£30.03 12/ 2. Tokyo, Japan — $43.14. Photo by Riccardo Chiarini on Unsplash Cup of coffee:£0.69 Beer:£0.69 Coca-Cola:£0.55 Glass of wine: £0.69 Bottle of mineral water:£0.52 Suncream:£4.83 Insect repellant:£2.62 Meal for two:£32.55 13/ 1. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria — £37.92. Nenov Brothers Images/Shutterstock Cup of coffee:£0.73 Beer:£0.73 Coca-Cola:£0.97 Glass of wine:£1.21 Bottle of mineral water:£0.39 Suncream:£2.42 Insect repellant:£2.42 Meal for two:£29.05 Previous 1/ Next SEE ALSO: This under-the-radar European city has been named the best in the world for a night out canada goose parka