Rena soon went back to Bolivia to get her boys

About 15 percent lived in poverty. Rena soon went back to Bolivia to get her boys. Over the next few years, she and Victor struggled to get on their feet. They would sit at lunch and talk shit about their wives, how stupid they were, how fat they were, how bad with money they were. It was like they took pride in being mean to them and making their marriage worse. They would tell stories about how their wife was interested in something, or tried to do something new and how they told her that it was stupid or that she would fail at it.

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I think of voices like those of Tony Hall, Jim Wallis, Ron Sider and Tony Campolo who have been calling Evangelicals to action on behalf of the poor for more than 30 years. Then I think of people like Shane Claiborne, Rob Bell, Gabriel Salguero, Lisa Sharon Harper, Randy Woodley, Adam Taylor and others of us who have added our voices to theirs in more recent years. It’s obvious neither the voices of the poor themselves nor ours raised in solidarity with them are being heard by most of our fellow Evangelicals..

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Another thing that smooths over the show’s occasional rough spots is the nicely calibrated chemistry between D’Elia and Morin. It’s surprising to learn that “Undateable” is Morin’s first full time acting gig, given how much versatility he brings to the role. Justin is quite entertaining as a square dude who pretty much owns his squareness: He unashamedly loves bike shorts, musicals and belting out love songs.

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