See if they can come up with clever aero solutions that

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1 point submitted 2 hours agoSure. I didnt say copy formula E. Have proper tracks, have batteries that can last a canada goose outlet online uk race (we don have refueling now either) and make them quick. The quickest road racing class. Let them thrive canada goose uk site to be the most technologically advanced.I realise there are some issues to overcome, like the weight of the batteries would make the cars very heavy. And it also not a solution to the lack of overtaking. (I think the answer to that lies in aero).Explore the possibilities. Challenges are canada goose outlet 2015 there to be overcome. It doesnt have to be now, it doesnt have to be in 2021.F1 is canada goose outlet store montreal about being cutting edge in car technology. Being ahead. Be progressive. Not clamping on to the past while the rest canada goose outlet mall of the world moves forward.I think it would create many new possibilities and opportunities as well. Maybe no limit so they don have to canada goose jacket outlet sale save Or maybe canada goose outlet vip do limit the amount of energy they bring. See if they can come up with clever aero solutions that generate energy nd stabilize the flow of air. I think we could see some really interesting new concepts, designs and technological advances.It not just about thinking about what you lose (engine sound), but I also think it would mean very exciting times in development and engineering.So Side 1: Says that Star Citizen is a scam, won recognize any evidence that says otherwise, kind of ignores the monthly reports and regular videos, communication, demos etc. To them, it a money grab, no game will ever come out, canada goose womens outlet and the backers will canada goose outlet shop be the laughingstock of the world once the company crumbles.Side 2: CIG can do no wrong, they never mismanaged anything, everything has gone to plan, no delay can be their canada goose outlet black friday sale fault or a miscalculation on their part it just, this is how long it takes to make the game. But it hasn been that long canada goose outlet uk sale yet! Only canada goose outlet online store 6 years (they keep saying this as 7, 8 9, years go by). The scope hasn increased, CIG didn promise to get the game canada goose outlet phone number out sooner canada goose outlet ontario rather than later, none of these expectations were ever set by CIG, it just backers/haters being unreasonable.I am not in either of these camps. For me the beauty is in seeing the balance in the middle; that CIG means well, that they have a lot of hardworking employees who want nothing more to put a game out, and that neither the game nor the fundraising canada goose outlet in montreal is an actual scam. But also that CR has a tendency towards bloat, shooting for the moon even when it canada goose sale uk has negative side effects as well as positive ones, setting expectations and then quietly backing off them without communicating the issues directly to the backers until they riot, and continuing to add features to canada Canada Goose Outlet goose outlet in toronto the game (and ask for large amounts of money through sales) even when some things are already over promised and the release date is nowhere in site.I can like the game and love this community while acknowledging both of these truths. I canada goose parka uk can believe in the mission and vision of Star Citizen while still observing that canada goose kensington parka uk they need to do things better. I can see the world in color rather than black and white. And so I wish our backers would stop cult izing the fanbase by trying to explain away absolutely everything that can be seen as a criticism canada goose outlet in new york of CIG development and sales methodology.

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