Some examples are below: Your job allows you to take time

canada goose Here's What Anyone With A Side Job Needs To Keep In Mind Amanda Abella, Money Under 30 Nov. 21, 2014, 4:00 PM Day job and side job can be a tricky balancing act.Flickr / Ed YourdonWe’re living in the age of needing to balance a side hustle and a day job. For 20-somethings who are either unemployed or underemployed (which is still a lot of them), creating a side hustle has been a viable solution to a less than spectacular economic outlook for an entire generation. According to the Young Entrepreneur Council 1 in 3 millennials already have manage a side hustle. Furthermore, in 2012 more than a quarter of millennials were already self-employed to some capacity — whether as a freelancer , contractor or full-fledged business owner. Whether the recession forced us to create our own jobs or the rise of the internet just made it easy to make money, the truth is that a ton of us find ourselves having to manage a side hustle and day job. Below you’ll find some tips for helping you with the juggle until you can leave your job. Be grateful for your job. Real talk: Sticking to a regular job while putting in major hours for your side hustle can be really hard. Sometimes it’s hair pulling, sleep deprivation, anxiety ridden kind of hard. Sometimes the last place on earth you want to be is at the office, but you know you need to be there for the time being. If that’s the case then it would do you some good to find some reasons to be grateful for this job. Some examples are below: Your job allows you to take time building your side hustle without having to worry about bills. Your job is funding your business in one way or another. This allows you to bootstrap your side hustle instead of having to ask for loans or pitch investors. Chances are you are learning important skills on the job that can help you manage your side hustle. Finding the silver lining makes it more bearable when you’re working insane hours to make your dream come true. You’re not leaving your job, you’re investing in yourself.Where is your side job taking you?Flickr / Playing Futures: Applied Nomadology Many people have a side hustle with the hopes of being able to quit their job someday. This is great and more than feasible. However , they get bogged down with the idea of leaving their job which in turn can make their time there completely miserable. Instead of focusing on leaving your job, consider that your job is an investment in yourself and your side hustle. Seeing your job as an investment makes it a lot easier to manage a side hustle while still working full time. At the very least, it’s better than constantly obsessing about the day you can leave your job. Consider working part-time. If you’ve reached a point in your side hustle where you don’t actually need full-time hours at your job to pay the bills you can always negotiate your hours. Many people go part-time as soon as they get the chance so they can focus on their side business. If this isn’t an option with your current job consider looking for another one that will allow you to work part-time. This step can be scary, but it will soften the blow of jumping ship altogether. It will allow you to ease into being self-employed full-time. Furthermore, it will allow you to better manage a side hustle and another job simultaneously. While having to manage a side hustle and a day job can be extremely frustrating there are ways to make it easier. Besides, always keep in mind that this is only temporary. Live the way others won’t today so you can live the way they can’t tomorrow. Read the original article on Money Under 30. Copyright 2018. Follow Money Under 30 on Twitter. SEE ALSO: Here's What I Learned Working For Self-Made Millionaires canada goose parka