space for all sorts of events

It’s an amazing space for all sorts of events in addition to live bands, which is why O’Brien is looking forward to opening its doors in 2015. Especially since he was one of the original regulars who drank at F/X when it first opened 25 years ago. He even DJed there..

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Finally, gaze into your crystal ball and tell us how the Big Blue will finish this season:I think we have a tough schedule, so we’ll have to work hard. I think we’ll make the state tournament and, hopefully, have a strong playoff push. I think out of my three years so far, this is the team that can do the most damage..

I made a simple creamy horseradish sauce by putting a cup of heavy cream into a wide mouth canning jar. I added a heaping tablespoon of horseradish and a fat pinch of salt. I then capped it and shook the jar until the cream sauce was the right consistency.

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By generating international confidence, a treaty would help overcome enduring challenges in global governance for health, such as securing adequate funding from both international and domestic actors. The international community would be more willing to provide financing to meet national health needs if it were confident that national governments would invest in health domestically while practicing good governance. And national governments would be more likely to invest in health domestically if they were obligated to do so under international law and if they were confident that they would receive complementary international financing and engage in more equal and genuine partnerships with international partners..

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