That’s because she lacks the same confidence in the abilities

The Fault in Mamata Banerjee’s Stars

‘Bengal will win canada goose outlet vip Bollywood one day and the world of entertainment will come over here,’ Mamata Banerjee declared in Kolkata on Tuesday, July 24.

She shot back at Goswami, ‘Why is it that you are taking my interview? Why haven’t you asked Sambit (the channel’s Kolkata correspondent) to do it?’

The implication was that the most important things must be done by the people at the top and, just like the then Times Now editor in chief, the Trinamool party chief also likes to handle the most critical matters herself.

cheap Canada Goose It is a paradox, given her high level of confidence in her own abilities, how much she seems to suffer from feelings of canada goose jacket uk inadequacy. That’s because she lacks the same confidence in the abilities or the trustworthiness of others. cheap Canada Goose

She canada goose outlet florida feels secure only in those things she directly controls and she is, therefore, deeply insecure about losing control.

Hence, Trinamool is a party in which only those who will do her bidding can survive.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Not surprisingly, Mamata surrounds herself with the kind of people who will not question or threaten her. buy canada goose jacket cheap

cheap canada goose uk More than a few of her colleagues, including MPs, MLAs and ministers are actors and actresses, stars and starlets with little pretension to understanding politics. cheap canada goose uk

Trinamool boasts of such members as Tapas Paul (a former superstar matinee hero from Bengali commercial cinema of the 1980s) and Satabdi Roy (popular yesteryear heroine who often co starred with Paul), who are both Members of Parliament.

IMAGE: Mamata Banerjee with canada goose outlet miami the legendary actor Soumitra Chatterjee. canada goose outlet jackets Photograph: Kind courtesy Mamata Banerjee/Twitter

Canada Goose Online Mamata recruited more people from the entertainment world to contest the 2014 Parliamentary election. They include, among others, actress Moon Moon Sen (daughter of the legendary movie star, the late Suchitra Sen) and Deepak Adhikari, better known by his screen name ‘Dev’, who is the current reigning leading man of Bengali commercial cinema. Canada Goose Online

Canada Goose online “Mamata’s star struck ness can be traced back canada goose outlet paypal to her humble background and her childhood, when actors and actresses were not easily accessible and getting a real life glimpse of a screen hero or heroine was a big deal,” an insider confided. Canada Goose online

“The fascination with stars is so deep rooted that she uses her clout as chief minister to get close to them, now that she can. And who doesn’t want to get close to the chief minister? So there is a lot of mutual admiration.”

So we saw Mamata Banerjee rush several times to the bedside of Suchitra Sen in the hospital and, according to Moon Moon Sen, Mamata told her, ‘I don’t want to disturb her, but if there is anything that you need, let me know.’

canada goose factory sale As a society, we would have been much more reassured of our chief minister’s sense of priority had she extended the same offer of support and shown the same urgency on behalf of, say, the woman who survived the Park Street canada goose outlet location rape or the grief stricken family of the girl who was gang raped and killed in Kamduni. canada goose factory sale

Not to denigrate the gesture of respect towards our cultural icons such as Suchitra Sen or film maker Rituparno Ghosh, to whose house Mamata also rushed after news of canada goose outlet store near me his sudden death broke, but the fact that Mamata uses her privilege and discretion as chief minister to accord state salutes (normally reserved for martyrs) to celebrities such as them raises serious questions about her sense of propriety and protocol.

IMAGE: Mamata Banerjee with Hrithik Roshan. Photograph: Kind courtesy Mamata Banerjee/Twitter

uk canada goose Mamata’s seemingly unusual interest in people from the entertainment world has another dimension. uk canada goose

Though the Leftists are her sworn enemies, Mamata also seems to emulate them, at least in terms of their cultural/intellectual inclinations.

These Communist intellectuals shared a special relationship with musicians, artists, thespians and the literati.

For instance, then chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, whose love of theatre and the arts canada goose outlet in usa is well known, spent most evenings, even as chief minister, at the city’s cultural hub, Nandan, where film screenings were regularly organised canada goose outlet for him.

For Mamata, the line between what is ‘culture’ and what is ‘pop culture’ appears a little blurrier, as she casually clubs together everyone from Dev to Mahasweta Devi into one category, known as the bidyajan (enlightened folk).

Nevertheless, her urgency to befriend them stems from the desire to be culturally oriented.

canada goose store She is often spotted at various local events like neighbourhood football matches or private screenings of some commercial movie sitting with various film and television stars and starlets. canada goose store

Canada Goose sale In the last three years, numerous photographs of the West Bengal chief minister sharing space with an assortment of celebrities have appeared in the media Canada Goose sale.