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“We are now only beginning to appreciate the links between diet and health. There are compelling arguments to protect the nutritional integrity of the foods we eat,” she says. “If a manufacturer takes nutrients out of food through processing and still wants to use the common name of the food, the nutrients have to go back in so that the nutritional value of the food is preserved.”.

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“Islam is the fastest growing religion in Europe, US and elsewhere too. It is the largest religion after Christianity as per UN estimates. Conversion to Islam in the West is normal and no eyebrows are raisedNow there are fears that the scourge of terrorism in the name of Islam will become a stumbling block in the way of expansion of the religion and its followers in the West..

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For example, the part of our brain that processes information very quickly loves to find patterns which then get encoded into stories that have enormous staying power. These stories can be accurate, or at least useful (such as the story which says a loud noise usually signals danger). But they can also be inaccurate, or open us up to manipulation when someone is trying to get us to think the way they want by fitting facts and events into stories that serve their purposes..

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