The army was very upset (they received a fascist

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best hermes replica So we could start fresh again and be friends.The army was very upset (they received a fascist indoctrination) for the commies legalization (feared they could reach power or destroy Spain values) but still everything was going somewhat ok.Turns out in 1981 some militars were nostalgic of the regime and decided we could go back to old times using a fascist state and having a cool flag again.So they made a coup, some tanks went to street, some shoots were shot in the parliament and we spanish thought that the democratic fiesta was a nice try but was all over.Against all odds, the king sent them a message to go back to the quarters and stop fucking shit up. And they did (in part totally thanks to the fascist indoctrination of our forces, where the king was the dictator heir as a Chief of state. (In Spain is totally apart from the goverment and legislative power).So here we are, over 40 years after we got a nice democracy that was strangely peacefully born from fascism.But yeah, after all that happen, nobody wanted to think, (or touch) the dictator tomb. best hermes replica

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