The magistrate found voters named in some of the forged forms

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The court heard Friday that Mohamed Mehajer blamed replica bags from china himself for his son mistakes because he had him and treated him as the golden child was earlier found guilty of forging documents and giving false or misleading information to the AEC after the court heard he fabricated a number of addresses for friends and family, claiming they resided in Auburn making them eligible to vote.Salim Mehajer ‘s father Mohamed Mehajer leaves The Downing Centre court on best replica designer bags a break during his sentencing hearing on Friday, June 22, 2018.The magistrate found voters named in some of the forged forms later said they were not responsible for completing or signing them.Mehajer and eight other members of his family were registered to vote at false addresses, Ms Schurr said during sentencing.Mehajer barrister Dymphna Hawkins asked the magistrate to consider punishment her client had allegedly received from intense negative publicity surrounding his buy replica bags case. But prosecutor Liam Cavell argued that Mehajer had drawn the attention to himself with his 2015 wedding and a subsequent interview in which he revealed his ambition to become prime minister.Ms Schurr ultimately dismissed Mehajer letter to the court that the sentence should best replica designer also take into account he had been a target of relentless negative media coverage.But Ms Schurr said she hoped he would seek mental health care in jail to manage his bipolar disorder and move towards rehabilitating his life.Moments later, his model partner Melissa Tysoe who he had discussed marriage with deleted all references to Mehajer on her Instagram page and unfollowed his account.Salim Mehajer’s lavish 2015 wedding in Lidcombe involved four helicopters, dozens of super cars, 50 motorbikes, a jet flyover and more than 100m of red carpet. It also shut down a suburban street closed down.

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