The note purportedly contained details of payments written in

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Yes and no is the simple answer. While comparatively the number of people who use it for their racist ideas and even criminal activities is small, the damage they do is far too large. On the other hand, the flag is a symbol of many things and to separate it from any one of those things is to not be honest or balanced about history..

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At a meeting of the panel, Verma handed over a note claiming that Asthana was under the scanner in a corruption case registered by the CBI against the Gujarat based Sandesara group. The note purportedly contained details of payments written in a diary that was recovered by the hermes blanket replica income tax department during its searches at the premises of the Sandesara group in 2011. The tax department asked the CBI to probe the diary because it also contained details of payments purported to have been made to some income tax officials, too..

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