The shame #leavingCert— Ryan Cullen (@RyanCullen90) June

canada goose Tags Comedy fear factor leaving cert fears ryan cullen See other tags Tags This comedian is putting the fear of God into Leaving Cert students on Twitter Go on Canada Goose mens , set yourself up for failure. By Nicola Byrne Wednesday 8 Jun 2016, 9:51 PM Jun 8th 2016, 9:51 PM 12,203 Views 3 Comments http://canada goose jackets uk/2812513 Share330 Tweet Email COMEDIAN RYAN CULLEN is not your granny. Source: yvonne.clarke_justbeHe’s not here to light candles or say prayers for you as you begin the Leaving Cert, no, no. He’s dropping truth bombs left right and center.The Donegal comedian tweets terribly morose messages every year just as the Leaving begins, it’s become something of an event people anticipatefav time of the year is when the @RyanCullen90 leaving cert tweets make an appearance again— katie (@hamiscrazy) June 6, 2016 Source: katie/TwitterAnd my favourite time of the year on twitter has arrived nationaalzweminstituuteindhoven , to read @RyanCullen90 tweets about the #leavingcert #goodman— Cian Power (@CiandePaor) June 6, 2016 Source: Cian Power/TwitterEveryone who isn’t in panic station central studying for the leaving, that is. Why?He doesn’t mess aroundFeel like 'Australian' should be a mandatory Leaving Cert subject since that's where you are all going to end up#leavingcert— Ryan Cullen (@RyanCullen90) June 6, 2016 Source: Ryan Cullen/TwitterNo, there’s no words of encouragement here Source: Laura HuttonJust endless horror, that you know is trueAnd remember, no girl will ever wanna shag you if you get anything under 550 points. Get your shit together #leavingcert— Ryan Cullen (@RyanCullen90) June 7, 2016 Source: Ryan Cullen/TwitterFeeling scared or nervous? Don't worry, that's normal when undertaking an exam that could fuck your entire world up#leavingcert— Ryan Cullen (@RyanCullen90) June 7, 2016 Source: Ryan Cullen/TwitterMollycoddling never got anyone 600 points, aye Source:"Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunityTo seize everything you ever wanted" – Eminem on the #leavingcert— Ryan Cullen (@RyanCullen90) June 7, 2016 Source: Ryan Cullen/TwitterGrannies all over Ireland are lighting candles & saying prayers for their grandchildren doing the #leavingcertBecause You are dead to them— Ryan Cullen (@RyanCullen90) June 7, 2016 Source: Ryan Cullen/TwitterRyan tells us he rarely gets complaints from terrified LCers, and most retweets are students looking for time off to chill.So don’t feel too bad for themLast day. Focus.The slightest slip could ruin your futureYour friends leaving you behind. Your family emigrating. The shame #leavingCert— Ryan Cullen (@RyanCullen90) June 7, 2016 Source: Ryan Cullen/TwitterEvenREAD THROUGH THE PAPER FIRST!It's good to know how unbelievably fucked you are from the off!#leavingcert— Ryan Cullen (@RyanCullen90) June 7, 2016 Source: Ryan Cullen/Twitter Source: Laura HuttonWee Timmy smith cracked under pressure on English paper 1 in 1997. Parents got divorced over it.Neither battled for custody#leavingcert— Ryan Cullen (@RyanCullen90) June 7, 2016 Source: Ryan Cullen/Twitter Source: Rollingnews.ieFinish English Paper 1 early? Happy?Never a good sign!Sure you didn't miss a question?Sure you wrote enough?Be an awful shame#leavingcert— Ryan Cullen (@RyanCullen90) June 8, 2016 Source: Ryan Cullen/TwitterKeep an eye on @RyanCullen90 for more Leaving Cert related anxiety over the next two weeks.canada goose outlet is on Snapchat! Tap the button below to add! canada goose parka