The studio has attached Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley to play Hall

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It can be intimidating sharing screen space with Dharmendra, but hats off to Neil’s confidence and conviction. He has done a good job and he has amazing screen presence. Incidentally, he is not really a newcomer because he has already assisted Yash Raj and is also trained in acting.

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That year everyone held white candles and we turned the lights off at the tower. 2 points submitted 3 days agoI never understand why so many coaches, even ones with successful running games, treat 2XP and 4th and 2 3 yards to go as almost pure passing downs. It doesn mean one should never pass, but lining up in a passing formation and not even faking a handoff is odd especially when accompanied with a rollout which shrinks a field that is already super shrunken due to the back of the endzone.

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