The two main CPU providers are Intel and AMD

Of course, regular people perform rescues too. They just don have publicists to broadcast it to the world. Newspaper accounts suggest that off duty firemen, cops and paramedics rescue a disproportionate number of people. Do injury prevention efforts work? With broken necks, we changed the rules in hockey and told players about the risks of hitting from behind into the boards, and then with the registry we developed in 1981 we showed that there was a decline in the number of hockey players ending up in wheelchairs. The last Canadian Ice Hockey Spinal Injuries Registry report in 2016 covering the years 1943 2011, showed that in the peak years of 1990 92, there were 18 spinal injuries per year in hockey in Canada, whereas after the injury prevention programs, spinal injuries dropped to five per year in most years from 2001 10 (Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, 2016). Yes, sports injury prevention works..

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