There are conversely also stories of Chinese protectionism and

As the FBI worked around the clock, and as Americans were busy debating the hard edged political climate and whether Trump had fanned the flames with his rhetoric, it was business as usual for Sayoc as he took to Twitter to denigrate targets like Soros. That was not uncommon for the amateur body builder and former stripper whose social media accounts are peppered with memes supporting Trump and posts vilifying Democrats. As law enforcement grew ever closer, descending on a postal sorting facility in Opa locka, Florida, Sayoc was working as a disc jockey at a West Palm Beach nightclub where he found work in the last two months.

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Free speech protection covers all the things people want to say, from the furthest left to the furthest right. You can burn a flag, display a nude body, fill a fish tank with urine and call it art, put on a KKK uniform and march past a Black church, and say whatever Richard Spencer says. Free speech means a lot of things, including that I can replica wallets write this article, and you can say what you want about it and me.

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