This folksy touch didn’t seem cheesy in Mr

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Canada Goose Outlet In what seemed to be an appeal to millennials and younger audience members. The program led by the ever vibrant Esa Pekka Salonen was divided into three sections of all new music, the first a Salonen work accompanied by video artist Tal Rosner and the third also a Salonen work accompanied by members of the Boston Ballet choreographed by Wayne McGregor. In between was the New York Premiere of a theatrical new violin concerto featuring soloist Pekka Kuusisto in his New York debut. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose clearance sale In addition to the program being all new music, the New York Philharmonic really made an effort to appeal to younger audience goers. Drinks were allowed in the hall, instead of intermission there were “breaks”, there was a place to take Instagram photos, Jaap van Zweden buttons were being handed out, I received a reusable grocery bag with the canada goose outlet legit NY Phil canada goose sale uk logo on it, and there were Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling outside the orchestra section of the hall. The stage was pulled in forward a few rows to accommodate the dancers for the third set which made feel infinitely more intimate. While some of these additions were met skeptically by the typical concert goer, the younger members of the audience seemed enthralled. It is nice to see this sort of effort for a hall that can stiff and formal while some of the ideas seemed a bit misplaced, hopefully in the future these can be fine tuned to become regular parts of the concert experience. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose store The first canada goose outlet official piece on the program was Salonen’s early canada goose outlet vip work with a video piece by Tal Rosner projected onto a giant screen in front of the orchestra. Like many Salonen works, lends itself incredibly well to dance with its propulsive rhythms and colorful score. In each movement a themes begin to ‘infect’ parts of canada goose outlet uk sale the score until the bloom into using the entire orchestra (thus the name). The video piece pulsated and changed canada goose outlet store calgary texture with the music. In the first movement, the density of colors and movement of the various shapes on screen seemed to respond to Mr. Salonen’s cues on the canada goose outlet mall podium. canada goose store

canada goose coats The orchestra itself has never sounded better here the flutes, English horn, and oboes shimmered and the strings dug into get a hefty metallic sound. Mr. Salonen let the music pushed forward, obviously enjoying canada goose outlet vancouver his own piece (as he did when I heard him conduct the same piece with Chicago Symphony a few years ago). The four percussionists deserve special credit for all of the intensive jazzy work and subtle texturing they provided. In The otherworldly second movement, with special tunings for the cellos and double basses, had a more canada goose outlet near me languid Rothko esque canada goose outlet locations in toronto picture on screen. The large brass choir of six horns, three trumpets, three trombones, and tuba sounded fantastic in the rollicking last movement providing a warm and exciting ending the piece. canada goose coats

cheap Canada Goose After only 20 or so minutes of music, it felt like a 20 minute “break” (not intermission) was much too long. Nonetheless, after the break the musicians returned for the New York premiere of Danel Bjarnason’s Violin Concerto with Pekka Kuusisto on violin. Mr. Kuusisto seemed almost primordial in his appearance with his hair tied back in a bun, hunched back, and wearing a black shawl. He certainly seemed to be playing up the canada goose vest outlet theatrics of the canada goose premium outlet concerto in the best way possible. It began with Mr. Kuusisto plucking away what canada goose outlet eu seemed to be a folk tune while whistling. This folksy touch didn’t seem cheesy in Mr. Kuusisto’s hands. The orchestra that begins to pick up this first theme as extensive drumming begins, almost like the rumbling canada goose jacket outlet of a thunder storm as it approaches. The colorful orchestration merges with the scratchy and virtuosic violin line. Some of the passages seemed reminiscent of late canada goose outlet winnipeg address Bartok and others of Shchedrin’s Echo Sonata. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Jackets Above: Violinist Pekka Kuusisto; Photo Credit: Maiji Tammi Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats on sale There are two thrilling violin cadenzas the highlight the scordatura (de tuning the violin) that is integral to the texture of the piece. The first seems almost unvirtousic despite its formidable difficult: everything from high harmonics to left hand pizzicato. These moment of the work seems meditative and theatrical, Mr. Kuusisto played this up with his intensity looking like a young Klaus Kinski. After the orchestra comes back in another lighter cadenza appears. Here, Mr. Kuusisto used whistling, singing, and stomping of his feet at the climax the music being its most folksy of the entire piece. While perhaps not my favorite new work, it was incredibly entertaining it is hard to imagine another performer playing the work with such seriousness and dedication. Mr. Salonen and the New York Philharmonic for their part seemed to play through the colorful score well, but giving plenty of space for Mr. Kuusisto to take the lead. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose clearance Again, it seemed very odd after only 20 more minutes of music to have another 20 minute “break”. Perhaps in the future for these sorts of events, the orchestra could have either shorter breaks or just one standard intermission, 40 50 minutes of break for an hour and a half of music was excessive. The final work on the program were two other fantastic Salonen compositions: Lachen verlernt performed solo by the very young violinist Simone Porter and Nyx performed by the NY Phil and Mr. Salonen all with members of the Boston Ballet performing a piece from 2016 titled Obsidian Tear. Before the performance, Mr. Salonen informed the audience that the ballet would like them to know that the piece was originally choreographed for the large stage of The Royal Ballet in mind. This was good to know, as while the dancers occupied the entire width of the stage, length wise they only had about 15 feet in front of the orchestra. For the lager parts of the work consisting of 9 dancers, these seemed incredibly tight. The choreography and stage placements must of have been significantly different given the small space. Mr. Salonen also announced that there would be an “after party” and more music with Mr. Kuusisto improvising on violin following the “after party”. canada goose clearance

canada goose deals In order to accommodate the dancers, Ms. Porter’s beautifully performed Lachen verlernt was played from the one of the boxes of the second tier rather than onstage. There were two during the solo violin work, circling each other and seeming to be twisting and moving in anxiety. They began in silence and as the violin gained in intensity the two men canada goose outlet jackets seemed to circle each other more and begin to move closer together. This led straight into the Nyx, which when started had the other seven androgynously dressed men appear on stage. Obsidian Tear was fabulous, as not someone who doesn’t know much about dance I couldn’t exactly figure out the scheme of the piece. Nonetheless, the anxiety, group movement, and circling of each other canada goose outlet niagara falls seemed perfectly in sync with the music and thrilling to watch. It seemed to be pitting the two original dancers against each other as the other dancers formed giant groups moving in and around them. was also impressive to see all of these dancers twisting back and forth only a few feet from the orchestra and Mr. Salonen. I can imagine that this would be stressful for all involved. At the climax it seemed one of the original two dancers throws the other into a volcano, with guilt and aftershock of this ridden on his face. He then at the end throws himself in too. canada goose deals

Canada Goose Parka Below: Boston Ballet performing Obsidian Tear at the Boston Ballet; Photo Credit: Uspenski Canada Goose canada goose clothing uk Parka

canadian goose jacket The lush music of Nyx really is Mr. Salonen at his best. While written two years after, it sounds like the same world as his excellent Cheap Canada Goose Coats Violin Concerto. The orchestration uses a variety of lighter textures than some of his other music and has incredibly mysterious sections mixed with driving energy. Because of its diverse use of instrumentation, it sounds like the modern update of Bartok’s concerto for orchestra. The orchestra was more than up for the challenge, giving one of canada goose jacket outlet toronto the most riveting performances I’ve heard in the hall (including the last time they played Nyx in 2015). Nonetheless, the focus was more on the visuals canada goose jacket outlet store and it will be a night to remember far along in the future. I sincerely hope the NY Phil presents more evenings like this. While a long evening, the crowd gave a hearty ovation and seemed genuinely enthused and even 200 or so people came back to hear Mr. Kuusisto spin improvisatory lines from his violin canadian goose jacket canada goose victoria parka outlet.