This is all for the greater good,” Terence assured Kyle

Secret Affair Is Revealed on The Arrangement and Kyle West Is Gonna Be Pissed

We knew Terence Anderson (Michael Vartan) was a bad man, but we didn’t canada goose jacket outlet toronto think he’d stoop this low.

canada goose factory sale Terence committed the ultimate betrayal when he engaged in a secret affair with none other than Kyle West’s (Josh Henderson) ex fianc Lisbeth (Ashley Grace). That’s just one of many jaw dropping details we learned about Kyle’s past on tonight’s episode of The Arrangement. canada goose factory sale

The episode kicks off with Kyle recounting the night Lisbeth left him during an interview on the Iris Holloway Show. In the flashback, we see Kyle come home to discover his fianc is nowhere to be found.

After a series of unanswered calls and texts, Kyle sees that Lisbeth left a note.

“I don’t have it committed to memory, but the basic message of the note was that she loved me and that she realized my world was just too big for her. She was getting lost, so she thought the best thing for her to do was leave,” Kyle told Iris.

Canada Goose Parka Iris prodded at the idea of loss and canada goose outlet usa how it’s factored into Kyle’s personal life. Canada Goose canada goose outlet Parka

buy canada goose jacket cheap “Loss. A word that isn’t foreign to you. You have had a lot of it in your life haven’t you?” Iris asked. “Loss? Sure, my fair share,” Kyle replied. buy canada goose jacket cheap

“So when Lisbeth left, that must’ve revived a lot of the childhood trauma,” Iris pushed. “No. No, because Lisbeth wasn’t dead,” Kyle snapped back.

But Kyle wasn’t interested in sensationalizing that night for his image or for Terence, who wanted him and the cast of Technicolor Highway to promote the Institute for the Higher Mind on the talk show.

“Look, this isn’t a pleasant memory for any of us, but it makes you look sympathetic. And given then rumors out there, it’s not a bad thing. This is all for the greater good,” Terence assured Kyle.

It’s safe to say Kyle wasn’t feeling the interview and it looked like he wasn’t feeling Xavier (Ruffin Prentiss) for Technicolor Highway anymore either. With cheating rumors swirling, Kyle started taking his frustrations out on his lead actor.

“We have to re shoot scene 16 on Monday,” Kyle informed Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) and Xavier. “The scene by the car? Why? What’s wrong?” Megan asked.

Canada Goose Outlet “When you grab her it’s emotional, but it also has to be compassionate. Right now, every take is reading like anger. We’re gonna lose the audience,” Kyle told Xavier. “Yesterday you told me to play fear, then it was play love for the girl. I’ve tried canada goose outlet winnipeg everything you’ve asked Kyle. It’s never right,” Xavier snapped back. Canada Goose Outlet

“It’s because you’re canada goose outlet official not getting it,” Kyle said. “I don’t know what it is. How canada goose outlet miami the hell do you grab someone with compassion, man?” Xavier asks. “Like this. And you look her in the eye and you tell her that she cannot make the same mistakes that you did,” Kyle instructed.

“That reads like anger,” Xavier said before storming off.

Even Megan could see that Kyle’s insecurities were pouring into his work, insecurities that stemmed from the cheating rumors that also infiltrated his canada goose outlet store toronto relationship with Lisbeth.

canada goose coats But rather than continue to lash out on his cast, Kyle jumped on his motorcycle and jetted out of there to clear his head. While winding through the Hollywood hills, canada goose jacket uk we are taken through another dark flashback. With tears in his eyes, we see Kyle take his frustrations about his ruined relationship with Lisbeth out on Terence. canada goose coats

“I should’ve never told her. I should’ve never told her. It ruined everything. It ruined everything. She couldn’t get past it and now she’s gone because I am a piece of s t!” Kyle yelled before pointing a gun in Terence’s face.

“Kyle, give me the gun. You’re not gonna shoot me. I know you. This is not who you are,” Terence pleaded. Kyle then turned the gun on himself. “I’m a fraud man. I’m a fraud,” he cried out.

canada goose With Lisbeth gone, Kyle worried that he may be unlovable, but Terence assured his prot that he still loved him and that his love was enough. canada goose

With that reminder, Kyle returned to the show taping with a clear head, but now it was Terence having flashbacks of that sordid night.

canada goose clearance “I can’t do it anymore,” Lisbeth said to Terence canada goose outlet hong kong after barging into his office. “I tried to talk to him. He lost his s t. He’s so angry.” “I’m glad you came to me,” Terence replied. canada goose clearance

But what started out as Terence consoling Lisbeth, quickly turned into something more when Lisbeth planted a kiss on the IHM head.

And with that, we got a glimpse into their steamy affair. What’s worse, is that after sleeping with Lisbeth, Terence went to Kyle’s side to give some words of wisdom on navigating his narrative.

“Nobody’s narrative is easy, man. We all make choices that complicate our path. But healing, really healing isn’t about avoiding who you are, it’s about about confronting who you are canada goose parka outlet and you’re working through that. And ultimately, forgiving ourselves. You’re a good man,” Terence said before embracing Kyle.

Lisbeth wanted more. Not only was she done with Kyle, she wanted to start a new life with Terence.

canadian goose jacket “We could get a place together. A little bungalow up in the hills. Hide away from the world. See what we are without all of this, without everyone else,” she offered. canadian goose jacket

But Terence wasn’t on board. “That’s not gonna happen. We’re not gonna happen,” Terence snapped back. “I have obligations, people who rely on me. I have a wife.”

Canada Goose online “This is about him,” Lisbeth argued. “He needs me,” Terence responded. “So do I,” Lisbeth pleaded. Not surprisingly, Terence chose Kyle and removed Lisbeth from their lives Canada Goose online.