This is hugely advantageous for users that want to answer

Using Questions to Improve Your Writing Content

canada goose uk black friday Answers to Questions in WritingIf you’ve been writing articles for awhile, you’ve likely run into days where you just can’t canada goose outlet toronto address think of anything to write about. These questions can generate ideas for your articles (or hubs, on HubPages)! canada goose uk black friday

Actually, answering questions is a great way to write, anyway. If you’re writing a novel or just writing a thousand word article, asking questions throughout the process helps to produce legible content with good flow, and also makes it easier to formulate ideas you might not have thought of otherwise.

Because there are people asking questions all over the internet, the cache of this resource is endless. On HubPages, there are questions ranging from entertainment fluff to obscure professional inquiries, and everything in between.

canada goose coats on sale The great thing about questions on HubPages is that they show up visibly on the My Account page. I’ve literally quickly scanned a question while on that page and was hit with an idea for a hub. The idea might not correlate exactly to the question, but still, fresh ideas aren’t that easy to come by. canada goose coats on sale

With questions asked and answers provided already monetized on many sites, there’s no reason you shouldn’t benefit from this, too. Next time canada goose outlet store new york you get stuck for an idea, take a look at some questions people are asking. You could get your next popular article from someone else’s curiosity about a subject that never occurred to you before. Big questions, like, ‘What is the nature of man?’ and ‘What will the world be like fifty years from now?’ generally produce answers and even discussions that can help shed light on important issues.

canada goose uk outlet For Henry David Thoreau, he favored asking questions like, ‘What do I think of what I did today?’ or ‘How much did I make a difference today?’ These important questions helped him (and his readers) grow canada goose outlet shop as a human being. The canada goose outlet london uk answers to his important questions survived to inspire readers even today. canada goose uk outlet

My Answer to the QuestionOn a personal level, this canada goose outlet in canada article itself was written in response to the question, “Do you ever use questions to give cheap canada goose you hub ideas?”, asked by HubPages member, tillsontitan.

My answer is yes, because I’ve used questions and forums to write many of my articles, especially those dealing with social issues.

uk canada goose It’s never a bad idea to bounce some of your own questions and ideas around, too. I doubt I’m the only one who’s been struck with a masterful concept just canada goose parka outlet uk by reading some replies to a question I asked, or a topic I engaged with in the forums. uk canada goose

Many people who canada goose outlet online store review read this will say, “Bah, I have no need of questions to write, every resource I need is online, readily at hand.” That’s true. But what about the personality and human side of people that come through in their questions and answers?

Canada Goose Jackets Perspective. That’s how I look at it. canada goose jacket outlet uk You may see a subject from a whole different angle than I do. It’s apparent that even two people having a forum discussion can enlighten themselves significantly. And don’t forget that people are generally experts on one topic or another. Someone who didn’t impress you with their questions or answers on one topic, might blow you away with their next idea. What they are writing about. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Online My advice to beginners is try to write about something that hasn’t been done canada goose outlet florida to death. Even if you think it’s a good keyword and potential money maker, don’t bother. The world just doesn’t need more of it. Canada Goose Online

This common sense applies to writing an article from a question. Plug the question into the Google search box (in quotes, while logged out of Google) and see what comes up. This will give you an idea as to the popularity of the question and also how many quality articles have already been generated from it. If you don’t think you’re going to give people an answer they can’t readily get from numerous sources, then you may as well look for another question to answer.

HubPages has programming that checks for duplicate questions before users ask theirs. This is hugely advantageous for users that want to answer questions that haven’t already been done to death.

canada goose coats Look to answer questions that you’re not completely unschooled on. This applies to questions, too. If you’re not able to converse casually about your topic, you probably ought to do a little research before writing an article in answer to a question about it. canada goose coats

Jason F Marovich

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canada goose clearance I agree, DzyMsLizzy. I’m always baffled how a simple question can generate hundreds of responses. Thanks for stopping by. canada goose clearance

Liz Elias

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Canada Goose online Questions, and the answers that are provided often provide a great source of differing viewpoints, depending upon the topic of the original question. Canada Goose online

Very useful article, and always timely.

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Thank you,. An added advantage, on HubPages at least, is the effort people are now putting into asking quality questions, questions that people want to know the answers to.